Upper Mustang Horse Riding Trip

Tenzi Ramio  and Anna, from Italy, visited Nepal for sixth time before and this time, we, Explore Himalaya, got the opportunity to organize a horse riding trip in Upper Mustang which went absolutely successful. The trip was lead by the local guide ‘Babu’, from Lo-Manthang itself. Both Ramio and Anna were extremely satisfied with our services. After returning back to Kathmandu, they visited and shared their extraordinary experience with Explore Himalaya, the organizer of their trek.

EH: How was your trip?

Tenzi Ramio: The trip was extremely nice for number of reasons. The place, mountains and the views were sustaining. Particularly, the upper side, upper circle from Ghami to Lo-Manthang and back was really  outstanding even, the lower part was nice as well. The distances and difficulties were okay. Since, we have horses, it was actually a piece of cake and that was good because we were a group of persons with a guide and three horses and we had everything we needed. There was no problem with accommodation. Overall it was a very good experience.

EH: What was the special reason to choose ‘the horse riding’ trip?

Tenzi Ramio: Well, we have 2 reasons: Upper mustang is a place where you can trek in August and we have holidays in Italy and we have not been to Upper Mustang although we have visited lower mustang trek(up to Muktinath) before. The horse, in the trip was fantastic solution because sometime if you feel not perfectly fit or if it is long day or if you would not like to walk. So the horse was really best. You can enjoy riding in hilly area, viewing the panoramic views without any pain. I think, it was wonderful experience for that reason.

EH: I would appreciate if you kindly share the best memory of the trip.

Tenzi Ramio: I would say that every 100 m you walk is a new scenario, is something interesting, something new. So, it is difficult to say which one is the best on another. From day 1 to day 9, everyday is exciting day and every walk, every step of the trek is exciting. Everyday is nice day in the trip.

EH: How were the services of our guide and staffs?

Tenzi Ramio: Service were good. We were served well in Kathmandu for our preparation. Guide as outstanding. Babu is really good, reliable, and expert. We appreciate he was from Mustang itself. He know every single person we met on the way. Babu was excellent.

EH: What was the difficult part of your trip?

Tenzi Ramio: The difficult part of the trip was rainy day where you have to walk. We have only one afternoon which was rainy. The weather is 50-50 but still okay.

EH: What would be your comment or advice to those who would like to do this trip?

Tenzi Ramio: I would say, Mustang is a place to visit for everybody. Even if you are not super fit, or not super sportsman with horses, is an experience, you can do it absolutely well without any hitch. I would recommend it for everybody.

Horse we used during the trip

mountain view

view on the way to Lo-Mangthang


Photos: Tanzi Ramio

Upper Mustang Trek