Community Service and Cultural Exchange Project- RBCS, UK


Amazing welcoming session at Nuwakot

Community Service Project is a unique blend of various activities principally designed for students taking a gap year. This multi activities vacation includes a volunteering service spotlighting on the progress of local community in Nuwakot, cultural exchange activities, and an adventurous trek to the very rarely trodden part of Nepal, Mustang.


Got red and Khataa- during the hospitable welcoming session

For the Cultural Exchange and Community Service Project recently, a British group of ten students from Reading Blue Coat School accompanied by a teacher  is in Nepal. The group is led by an expert leader from the company called Wilderness Expertise.


Cutting the shrubs during garden cleaning session

Based at Shree Bhairavi Higher Secondary School in Nuwakot, the group is scheduled to get involved into several activities. Junior Red Cross Garden and Taleju Park has been maintained and cleaned by the group in collaboration with the locals. Cleaning of the historic site which, supplies drinking water to the natives; Tindhara will be undertaken.


For a team- it is simply a piece of cake


Sessions of lectures on how the tourists shall be treated will be conducted. Health Awareness Campaign as well as village sanitation program are supposed to be the integral parts of this community project. The visitors will also join the locals and rejoice during the cultural programs. During the 6 days stay at Nuwakot, the guests will be experiencing the home-stay accommodation where the three course meal will be provided by the Nepalese family.


Pet gets a clean playground.

Prior to this community service and cultural exchange project, the group had the 14 days long wonderful trek to the rarely trodden part of Nepal, Mustang.


Time for the photo shoot


Guests and natives for the shoot

Site Visit to Nuwakot, Samari and Sele.

Explore Himalaya with its partner Kipling Travel, Denmark has been working quite a lot to promote the villages of Nuwakot, Samari and Sele. Despite of tourism perspectives, these destinations are unable to achieve the significant recognition amongst the visitors to Nepal. Acknowledging, the possibilities, the duo of Explore Himalaya and Kipling Travel has been promoting these destinations for the last few years. The dual effort has showed the positive signs over the years as Nuwakot, Samari and Sele are starting to expect the noteworthy visitors.


Seven storied palace at Nuwakot.

Nuwakot has the major historical charm of the Shah dynasty. The seven storied ancient palace built between 1763 AD to 1770 AD by Prithivi Narayan Shah reflects the perfect cultural and civilization images of the region in the very ancient days. Samari, is a village rich with ethnical culture of Magar race and lies amongst the beautiful green forests. Sele is popular Tamang village rich with natural beauties and ancient Tamang culture. The village is a hilltop for the panoramic mountain views of Himalayan peaks like Mt. Manaslu, Mt.Langtang etc. from its ridge.


Home-stay house at Samari.

Nuwakot and Samari have been the popular home-stay destinations for the past few years.  The EH Kipling alliance owns two traditional old houses in Nuwakot and Samari to provide basic facilities to visitors in this region. The third linking point Sele had the camping accommodation facilities. Since the number of visitors is increasing every year, the companies has planned an alternate to Sele camping.

A team including a photographer and an architect were recently sent to visit all these sites. As per the organizational plan of constructing the new ecological resort in sele, the team took the necessary measurements at our location in Sele and the construction is expected to start very soon.


Construction site for ecological resort at Sele.

Pics: EH.

Trek to Langtang & Helmbu

On first week of July, three persons from Denmark visited Nepal on an exciting trek to Langtang National Park.  The clients flew to Kathmandu on 02 July’12 and the very next morning they headed to Samari village where they had the luxury to experience to live in a Nepali village house but in the modern facilities. The next day they drove to syabru bensi and thereafter they commenced trekking to the beautiful villages like Changtang, Ghore tabela, Langtang village, Kyanjin Gompa and so on. Langtang area is rich of culture and heritage of ethnic group of mainly Tamangs.

On this journey they day hiked to Tsergo Ri peak that is 4985 meters that gives a 360 degree view of the Langtang Valley,  visited Gosainkunda Lake- holy Hindu religious site, crossed Laurebina La of 4600 meters  and concluded their trek in a village called chisopani. The next day they walked till Sundarijal to drove to Kathmandu to enjoy their last night in Nepal.

On 19 July they departed for home having carried lots of unforgettable memories and an experience of a lifetime.


Langtang Valley


Children of Langtang

Beautiful Majestic Mountain Views




Trek to Langtang and Helambu with us 

Tourism – A national priority industry

Given the importance of tourism industry to Nepal’s economy, a High Level Committee, coordinated by Lilamani Paudel, Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, in its report has recognized tourism as a national priority industry. The committee has urged the government to provide special facilities to the tourism industry, which includes exempting the income tax, providing facility of lands in lease as given to forest resources industries, providing soft loans for running hotels and resorts in the 22 districts that were declared by Industry Act-2049 BS as underdeveloped ones, simplifying the registration process for Homestay and providing services and facilities for homestays as under micro industries. In order to bring to an end the migration of able manpower from the country to foreign shores, the committee has also stressed on linking the Youth Self-employment programme with tourism. The report stressed that the government should exempt royalty on those mountains that are visited by fewer tourists like Mt. Cho Oyu and should allow helicopters to make rescue and evacuation flights without any obstruction. The committee has urged the government to provide special honors and cash awards to the travel and trekking entrepreneurs that bring more than 500 foreign tourists.

Trip to Nuwakot, Samari & Sele

On January, Explore Himalaya organized a trip for Lund & Helle from Denmark. They travelled to the rural villages of Nuwakot, Samari & Sele. These little known villages on the central region of Nepal have much more to offer to travellers. The historical and legendary palaces of Nuwakot, the unforgettable experience of the typical Nepalese lifestyle from the villages located on the high hills and still untouched by tourist and the incredible Mountain scenery makes these places perfect to relax.


Boghteni Village

Visit our Nuwakot, Samari & Sele homestays

Conference on Homestay

A two-day (Mach 29-30, 2011)  national conference on “homestay” for tourists has been organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoTCA) in the capital. Homestay , a form of tourism where tourists stay in a private home and experience daily life with their host’s family and community sharing local life and culture, is proving to be quite popular in  rural areas where hotels and lodges are few or non-existent. This concept which was introduced in Nepal 2007 and has grown quite popular is expected to boost rural tourism during Nepal Tourism year 2011.

Arround 150 participants are attending the conference.  Working policies and various issues related to homestay will be discussed.

nuwakot-homestayNuwakot Homestay (Pic: Valeriy Gyerkal)

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