Hill Stations around Kathmandu Valley

The hills that ring chaotically charming Kathmandu Valley are the fascinating destinations catering relatively tranquil rural habitats and some of the most amazing features of the nature. The rural culture in very close proximity to cosmopolitan town Kathmandu, the lush vegetation attached to the concrete jungle of Nepal’s capital and the widespread Himalayan panorama brings hundreds travelers to the summit of these hills¬† every day.

Not far from culturally opulent three medieval towns of the valley, the hills encircling it manifests the different aspect of the country, which incline towards incredible nature and the authentic rural lifestyle. Some of these hill stations also has huge religious significance and some of them are rich in terms of wildlife. Whatsoever, all these hill stations that surround Kathmandu Valley cater peaceful stay, semi urban lifestyle and the Himalayan panoramas for sure.

The best part is that all the Hill Stations are very easily accessible from any part of the valley and the best way to explore these hill stations is to go for the overnight stay. A night at these hill stations guarantees the sunset and sunrise views in the Himalayas. To sight the sun setting or emerging in the horizon where Himalayan peaks lie is itself a spellbinding moment.

On today’s post we have included an image each of the most popular hill stations around Kathmandu Valley. Have a look

Chobhar (1413m)



Godawari (1526m)



Dhulikhel (1550m)



Namo Buddha (1750m)



Kakani (2030m)



Shivapuri (2128m)



Nagarkot (2195m)



Pulchowki (2780m)

Phulchowki Hill

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