Hike to Chandragiri – Kathmandu Valley Hiking

The Chadragiri Range flanks the south-western part of Kathmandu Valley. The verdant hills of the Range are dotted with small traditional villages, pretty lakes and spectacular mountain scenery. The Weekend Hikers from Explore Himalaya recently took to the picturesque trail skirting the Changragiri Hill. The group began their trip from Thankot and reached Chitlang Village crossing Chandragiri Hill. They trekked upto Markhu Village and enjoyed boating at Kulekhani. According to Samir from Sales “It was an unplanned yet an amazing trip!”







chandragiri trek



(Pics: Samir Shrestha)

Hiking in Shivapuri, Jamacho & Champa Devi

Here are some more delightful day hiking options around Kathmandu. The hills of  Shivapuri, Jamacho and Champa Devi rimming Kathmandu Valley are some of the popular destinations. While the hike to Shivapuri  begins just a little way above Buddhanilkantha, to reach the summit of Jamacho,  you need the walk through the dense Nagarjun Forest or Rani Ban (Queen's Forest). The summer retreat and the present resident of the erstwhile Nepalese monarch is also located in Nagarjun Forest.  Champa Devi Hill lies on the southern part of the city on the way to Dakshinkali Temple. All these day hikes are easy  and takes you to an elevation of  just about 2000 metres. Though you may be huffing and puffing by the time you reach the top, the panoramic views of the mountains and the valley floor are rewarding. The rejuvenating walk  past  verdant trails filled with birdsongs and other typical forest sounds, wildflowers and hidden shrines  will leave you refreshed – body, mind and soul.


 Shivapuri Hike


Art by natureShivapuri Hike


Baghdwar – The source of Bagmati River Shivapuri Hike


Hike to Jamacho


View of Kathmandu city from Jamacho


Hilltop Buddhist shrine – Jamacho

Pine forest- Champa Devi

Pine forest – Champa Devi

Champa Devi

Delightful ridge-top hike – Champa Devi

(Pics: Samir Shrestha)

Hike to Chisapani

Chisapani (2194m) which means ‘cold water’ in Nepali, is a small  hill top village that lies deep in the Shivpuri Hill, surrounding   the northern side of Kathmandu  valley. Like Phulchowki,  this small village is also an ideal destination for day hikes and nature tours. You can begin the hike either from Sundarijal or Shivapuri National Park. How fast you reach the top depends on your speed and fitness level. The hike leads you to a trail filled with abundant greenary and breath taking views – dense forests, wide meadows, waterfalls and hidden springs and panoramic views of the valley floor, surrounding hills and snowy peaks. You can hike to the top and descend in a day.

Samir, Kisan, Samundra, Prachanda & Suman from our office have been deligently exploring the hills around Kathmandu during weekends. Here are some snapshots from their recent hike to Chisapani.


Approach from Sundarijal – Stonesteps leading to Chisapani en route Mulkharkha

Signboards Shivapuri- Nagarjun National Park

Chisapani hike

Picturesque sight


Rolling hills and snowy mountains


A hidden waterfall


Village houses and terraced fields


A ‘Titanic’ pose? –  Samir


Not sure whether Kisan’s inspiration is ‘Titanic’ or Bollywood


 Samundra  decides to pose differently – ‘V’ for victory!

(Pics: Samir Shrestha)