Helicopter tours in Nepal – unique way to travel Nepal

Adventure helicopter tour in Nepal

Being in Nepal for a couple of days and having a dream to see the Everest up close from Kalapattar pretty much seems to be  a holiday beyond the reach. Moreover, the walk to the base camp of any 8000m plus peak in the Himalayas is a strenuous trek demanding high level of endurance and absolute physical fitness.

The best way to skip days trek to reach the closest vantage point and savor the magnificent close up views of the Himalayan giants is Heli Tour.

We cater luxury tours in Nepal for the high-end clients. Helicopters are the carriers for these luxury tours and hence these tours are also called Heli Tours. Scenic Helicopter Tours in Nepal incorporates flights to different destinations.

scenic helicopter tour in Nepal

The most popular heli tour in Nepal is Everest Heli Tour, which takes travelers to Kalapattar 5545m, the prime highlight of Everest Base Camp Trek.

Amazing isn’t it? Trekkers trek for days to get to this landmark but the heli tour takes you to this wonderful destination in less than an hour. Additionally, this tour offers you an opportunity to enjoy the champagne breakfast in the highest altitude Resort ringed by snowcapped Himalayan peaks.

Like Everest Heli Tour, other helicopter tours in Nepal are also meant for the clients seeking luxury holidays in Nepal.

unique way of traveling in Nepal, Heli tour in Nepal

The most unique way of travelling in Nepal, Heli Tours best suits to honeymooning couple, elderly citizens willing to skip strenuous walk and to those travelers willing to experience a lifetime luxury in the most distant places of Nepal.

The adventure Helicopter tour normally begins in the morning, takes you to the specific destination, explores around and flies back to the city. Clients undertaking these tours can enjoy like the royals and can spend the most quality time in Nepal.

Getting to the destination so easily where trekkers put immense effort to reach there is the biggest reward of the Heli Tours.

helicopter tours in nepal

However, the destinations we take you are not only the highlights of such tours; the entire Heli ride is an adventure in itself. Flying above the deep gorges and Himalayan Rivers, lush vegetation, cultural isolated hamlets and the snowcapped peaks could by far be the best aerial journey of your life.