Things to do in 10 days tour of Nepal.


Every year many visitors travel Nepal pursuing to explore the best of Nepal. Two Belgian visitors Mr. Dirk Herman and Ms. Paula Sysmans arrived Nepal on October 20, 2012. During their 10 days stay in Nepal they explored the best of Nepal (Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan) as well as they had an incredible mountain flight to the Himalayas in Everest region and a drive to small hilltop tourist town of Dhulikhel.

Best of Nepal normally offers the Nepalese cultural and historical wealth in the Kathmandu valley, the wildlife safari and culture of tharu tribal at Chitwan and the extreme beauty in the nature with crystal clear lakes, mysterious caves and gorges and panoramic Himalayan views at Pokhara. These closely located cities are the complementary cities to each other.

Our Belgian visitors had planned for the quick access to the Himalayas in the Everest region. They flew with Explore Himalaya to the land of snow, where the beauties in highlands of the nature showered from all directions. The visitors were busy with their cameras throughout the mountain flight capturing the amazing exquisiteness in the untouched land of Himalayas.

The Belgian also visited 30 km east to Dhulikhel which is very popular for its scenic beauty and old tradition. Our visitors were spellbound with joys to observe the complete panoramic view of snowy ranges from Krayolung in the east to Himalchuli in the west from Dhulikhel.

After, the completion of the outstanding vacation in Nepal, the visitors had one free day on their own. On October 29 during the free day, they spent time wondering in the streets of typical Thamel and Asan. They were busy hunting souvenirs for their loved ones back home.

On October 30, Explore Himalaya escorted them to the airport. They thanked Explore Himalaya for the spotless amazing cooperation during their stay in Nepal. The smiles on their faces were expressing million tons of thanks just before their departure.

Heli tour in Nepal.


Helicopter sightseeing in Nepal has been a popular tourism activity. The senior citizens, the visitors with acclimatization problems or visitors with limited time but with strong desire to view the majestic snow-capped Mountain giants prefer this adventurous activity in Nepal. Recently, James Timothy flew  to Lukla for the heli tour in the Himalayas. Lukla is the major gateway to the Himalayas in Everest region. At Lukla the heli tour to the isolated Himalayan region begins. Timothy boarded a Fishtail AS350B Helicopter for the most awe-inspiring flight of his life. AS350B helicopter is perfect for the Aeriel views. An hour long Heli- tour is the best way to explore the Himalayan Nepal in the very remote destinations. The Aeriel views of towering mountain peaks, landscapes covered with snow, baby rivers sheltering in the deep gorges, snow lakes and glaciers,pious highland monasteries and the traditional Sherpa habitats provides the absolute feast to the eyes during the heli tour. Timothy, was busy with his camera capturing all these magnificent views from the Fishtail Helicopter through out the entire flight.


Fishtail Air in action during the heli tour in the Himalayas.

Pics: EH.


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