Free Eye Camp 2015 – A team of Danish opticians & nurses serve remote villages of Central Nepal

Following the great success last year, the Danish team of 6 opticians and 2 nurses through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel returned to the remote villages of Nuwakot and Rasuwa to serve the underprivileged communities by giving them better visibility during the Eye camp 2015 this autumn. The free Eye Camps in four different locations of two quake affected districts were conducted from November 9 to November 16. The team was carrying 4000 pairs of glasses and was very much excited to be in Nepal for the second time. Due to the recent earthquake and its effect the Danish team was more excited to work for the benefits of the Nepalese people. During the Eye Camps at four different locations the Danish Team treated 2,735 patients having different eye problems.

Free Eye Camp in Nuwakot and Rasuwa 2015
A brief description of Free Eye Camp 2015


The first day of the project started with great energy at Kharinatar, which was the first destination of the eye camp 2015. People were lined up in the premises of Amar Jyoti Higher Secondary School before the camp even started. In the first and second day of the project, starting from 8 am till 5 pm people thronging there for the free eye treatment was an overwhelming experience for the Nepalese patients as well as for the team of Danish opticians and nurses . After two and a half day of hassle and hard work the team managed to check 918 people and distribute glasses to those who were in need of them. Local volunteers from the school, and the support of the local police force made our work easier by helping us controlling the big mass of patients. At the end of the Eye Camp locals of kharanitar were very much pleased as the huge number of people was treated with their eye problems in such short time period.

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015
Team setting up the camps at first camp-site, Kharanitar


The second destination for the eye project was at Tarukaghat, a village located in the banks of Trishuli River. In the premises of Ganeshman Smirity Primary School the team started their work with lots of optimism and a great view of the river. The support by the members of local club and the local police force gave the boost that the team needed for checking so many people. After one and a half day of hard work the team was able to provide benefit to 408 people. The local villagers very so impressed by the level of dedication that the team showed for the welfare of community.

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015
Treating a patient of the remote corner in Nepal


The Historical city of Nuwakot was the third destination for the eye camp 2015. Like the previous destinations people started lining up in the football field of Shree Bhairavi Higher Secondary since the morning. The team was very happy that people supported their cause so much and were very eager to start the camp. The whole day was very busy day. Despite the long line the happiness in the people’s faces after the treatment was enough for us to continue the good work. After one and a half day of good work, 568 people were checked and glasses were provided to the patients who needed them.

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015
Enormous support from local administration and local clubs


The last destination of the project was Rasuwa Kalikasthan, which is also a part of Langtang National Park . Kalika Himalayan Higher Secondary School was the venue for the last two days of the program. The beautiful Himalayan view and the natural beauty of the place was a refreshing experience for the Danish team. The program followed the same momentum like the previous days and people started lining up to get treated since the morning. People not only from the area but from the remote neighboring walked hours to get treated during the Free Eye Camp. After one and a half day of great work 841 were able to get benefit from the eye camp 2015.

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015
The team of Danish opticians & nurses pose for a photo at the last camp-site Kalikasthan


At the end of every day, all the overwhelming response of the people when they were able to see better was a very satisfying feeling to the whole team. The Danish team was very happy and they were very satisfied as the program ran so smoothly and the locals were welcoming and friendly.

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015
General comparison of male & female patients seeking treatment during Free Eye Camp 2015