Dead Bodies of Russian & Swiss climbers recovered from Mt.Everest

Dead Bodies of Russian & Swiss climbers recovered from Mt.Everest

Following the rescue at Mt. Dhaulagiri, the rescue team of Fishtail Air and Air Zermatt retrieved the dead bodies of Russian and Swiss climbers from Mt. Everest (8848m) on 17th May. The team of Sherpas from Extreme Everest Expedition who are up on a clean –up drive in the mountain helped to bring down the dead bodies from the Hillary Step to Camp 2 (6500m). While the Russian climber had died recently, the body of the Swiss climber had been lying at the South col since Spring, 2008.

Everest Rescue by Fishtail Air
Mt. Everest- Camp 2

Everest Rescue by Fishtail Air

Sherpa Team - Everest Expedition Rescue by Fishtail Air

(Pics Courtesy:  Gerold Biner, Air Zermatt)

Dhaulagiri rescue- Fishtail Air & Air Zermatt

Chinese Expedition Team Rescued from Dhaulagiri(8167m)
A joint team of Air Zermatt and Fishtail Air rescued members of a Chinese expedition team from Dhaulagiri on 16th May. The team had received an appeal for rescue on 14th May. A team of 8 Chinese climbers and 6 sherpas were stranded at 7,500m. and needed to be air lifted. The rescue team tried to reach the stranded climbers on May 15th but had to abort their mission owing to bad weather.
On 16th May at 7:00AM the rescue team flew to Dhaulagiri base camp with 4 sherpas on two Fishtail Air helicopters. A Chinese climber had already perished in Camp 3. His dead body was brought down by sherpas to Camp 2 and from there it was air lifted. the rest of the climbers were rescued from Base Camp. Swiss Mountain Guide Bruno Jelk and Fishtail Air’s technician Purna Awale helped the exhausted climbers to be airlifted, while Capt. Sabin Basnyat flew in succession, all the climbers and rescuers back from North East- Col of the mountain in four flights to the base camp. Altogether five members of the Chinese expedition team were flown to Phokara and then to Kathmandu, where they are undergoing medical treatment. The Sherpas suffered from frostbite, but could remain in the Base Camp.

Dhaulagiri rescue by Fishtail Air
Camp 3- Dhaulagiri V

Dhaulagiri Rescue by Fishtail Air
Short Haul (6800m)

Dhaulagiri Expedition Rescue
(L- R) Bruno Jelk, Capt. Sabin Basnyat & Gerold Biner – Dhaulagiri Base Camp

Dhaulagiri Team Rescue by Fishtail
Helping the climbers – Purna Awale

(Pics Courtesy: Gerold Biner)

Highest Longline Rescue- Fishtail Air & Air Zermatt

Fishtail Air & Air Zermatt’s team made a record breaking rescue on 29th April, 2010 using ‘human sling operation’, on Mt.Annapurna I (8,091m). Three Spanish climbers were evacuated from 6900m by Fishtail Air’s AS 350 B3,  using human sling operation. The climbers were stranded in the mountain  for 36 hrs due to bad weather.

The rescue operation was carried out by Capt. Daniel Aufdenblatten from Air Zermatt, Switzerland, while Swiss Mountain Guide, Richard Lenner hung on the Sling and lifted the stranded climbers. The three Spanish climbers were evacuated with the longline, one by one and flown to base camp at 4000 meter. This was the highest longline rescue in history.

Fishtail Air has been carrying out special rescue missions this season, together with Air Zermatt’s assistance using it’s newly acquired AS 350 B3. The team had rescued 4 Korean climbers and 3 Nepalese Sherpas from 6,500m at Mt. Manaslu on 26th April.

IMAX’s David Breashers in Everest

IMAX’s Director David Breashers Flies to Everest with Fishtail Air
Acclaimed American filmmaker, adventurer and author David Breashers took a mountain flight via Fishtail Air’s chopper to Everest region on 25th April 2010.

Best known for co-directing, photographing, and co-producing the acclaimed IMAX film ‘Everest’ in 1996, Breashers has also worked on feature films like ‘Seven Years in Tibet’, ‘Cliffhanger’, and the award-winning documentary ‘Red Flag over Tibet’. In 1983 he transmitted the first live pictures from the summit of Mount Everest. For his achievement in filmmaking he has been awarded four Emmy Awards.

David Breashers has also co-authored National Geographic’s best-selling book ‘Last Climb’ which documents the disappearance of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine on Mount Everest in 1924. His memoir entitled ‘High Exposure: An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places’ (Simon & Schuster), documenting his life as a mountaineer and filmmaker, remains a best-seller.

Article on Heli Trekking in TravelTimes Magazine

This article on Heli Trekking with Fishtail Air / Explore Himalaya was published in the November 2009 issue of TravelTimes magazine.

Text by Usha Rai
Photos by Fishtail Air

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