Extreme Zip Slide in Pokhara – Another adventure for adrenaline junkies

Nepal may be a small landlocked country with an insignificant economic growth, but in terms of adventure tourism potential, the country boasts of some of world's best locations and adventure products. Some of the adrenaline fuelling activities on offer in the country – Himalayan mountaineering (climbing some of the highest peaks in the world ,including the highest Mt. Everest), challenging treks across high Himalayan passes, the world’s highest skydiving adventure (Everest skydive), bungee jumping from above (160m) a Himalayan river, paragliding and ultra light flights, white water rafting & kayaking etc.

The latest adventure activity on offer is ZipFlyera 2000ft vertical zip slide from Sarangkot hill to Hyangja village in Pokhara, covering a distance of 1.8km. According to operator HighGround Adventures, “it is the world’s most extreme zipline (1800m long, 2000ft vertical drop, 160kmph speed and 2 min ride time)”. Anyone aged above 10 yrs and with a body weight of 35-125 kgs.can take on this ride. Zipping down the slide above dense forests, riders can view the magnificent Machhapucchre and Annapurnas. The lauch pad for the zip slide is located atop Sarangkot, at 5400 feet above sea level. Two people can slide down (individually, attached to a safety harness) the zip line, at a time.

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