Everest Skydive 2013: Lifts and dives



Fishtail Air taking the flight loads for Everest Skydive 2013

The grandness of Everest Skydive, the most elite adventure on the top of the world is heightening every year. Everest Skydive 2013 was successfully accomplished on the last week of October setting several new records. Marc Kopp, a French national set the record, being the first disable person to successfully dive from the altitude of 22000ft during the Everest Skydive 2013. Amadablam Base Camp is no longer the world’s highest drop-zone for Skydiving Adventure.

On the last day of the Everest Skydive, Fred Williams and Ryan Jackson successfully landed at Gorakshep Drop-Zone 5545m which is now the highest drop-zone for skydiving in the world. Ryan and Fred, crew of Everest Skydive broke the record set by the crew itself  during Everest Skydive 2012.The summarized details of day-to-day activities  during Everest Skydive 2013 is given as below.


Skydiver scaling the distance before the jump: Sky is closer to earth!


A tandem jump followed by a solo; Expert Aerial Photographer shoots the most daring moments of Everest skydiver’s life


Skydivers: Feeling the thrill of elevation and feasting their eyes with the matchless mountainous landscapes

Date Load No. Name Time Drop Zone Altitude Airlines
24-Oct       1 Wendy Smith 2:00-3:02 Syangboche    
    Omar Alhegelan   Syangboche    
    Ryan Jackson   Syangboche    
    Derek Thomas   Syangboche    
25-Oct 1 James Sewell
tandem with Ryan
8:56-9:15 Syangboche 23000ft Fishtail
    Omar Alhegelan        
    Wendy Smith        
25-Oct 2 Libor Fryzek 9:23-9:45 Syangboche 23000ft Fishtail
    Robert Compton        
    Derek Thomas        
25-Oct 3 David Philips 10:55-11:10 Syangboche 20000ft Simrik
    Carol Peri        
    Omar Alhegelan        
25-Oct 4 Libor Fryzek 11:00-11:34 Syangboche   Simrik
    Ryan Jackson        
25-Oct 5 David Philips 12:43-1:00 Syangboche   Simrik
    Wendy Smith        
25-Oct 6 Robert Compton 1:07-1:26 Syangboche   Simrik
    Omar Alhegelan        
26-Oct 1 Carol Peri 8:30-8:45 Syangboche   Fishtail
    Kyle Thomas        
    Omar Alhegelan        
26-Oct 2 Mark Allen 9:43-9:55 Syangboche   Fishtail
    Ryan Jackson        
26-Oct 3 Alexander Zadirov 9:59 Syangboche   Fishtail
    Petr Zadirov        
    Wendy Smith       Fishtail
26-Oct 4 Mark Allen 11:15 Syangboche   Fishtail
    Omar Alhegelan        
27-Oct 1 Alexander Zadirov 8:28 Syangboche   Fishtail
    Petr Zadirov        
    Wendy Smith        
    Omar Alhegelan        
27-Oct 2 Marc Kopp tandem
with Mario Gervasi
  Syangboche   Fishtail
    Ryan Jackson        
28-Oct 1 Robert Compton 8:15-8:30 Syangboche   Fishtail
    Libor Fryzek        
    Wendy Smith        
    Omar Alhegelan        
28-Oct 2 Fred Williams   Syangboche   Fishtail
    Morten Pedersen        
    Ryan Jackson        
29-Oct 1 Alexander Zadirov 8:40-8:55 Syangboche   Fishtail
    Petr Zadirov        
    Wendy Smith        
    Omar Alhegelan        
29-Oct 2 Fred Williams 9:00-9:20 Syangboche   Fishtail
    Morten Pedersen        
    Ryan Jackson        
29-Oct 3 Carol Peri 9:58-10:25 Syangboche   Fishtail
    David Philips        
    Mark Allen        
    Omar Alhegelan        
29-Oct 4 Fred Williams 11:40 Syangboche   Fishtail
    Morten Pedersen        
    Ryan Jackson        
29-Oct 5 Kyle Thomas 12:52 Syangboche   Fishtail
    Derek Thomas        
    Wendy Smith        
    Omar Alhegelan        
30-Oct 1 Ian Edward Atkins
tandem with Ryan
8:35 Syangboche   Fishtail
    Tom Noonan        
    John Leblanc        
30-Oct 1 Fred Williams   Amadablam   Fishtail
    Ryan Jackson        
30-Oct 2 Morten Pedersen   Amadablam   Fishtail
    Tom Noonan        
30-Oct 3 Wendy Smith   Amadablam   Fishtail
    Omar Alhegelan   Amadablam   Fishtail
31-Oct 1 Fred Williams   Gorakshep   Fishtail
    Ryan Jackson        


Skydivers trespassing the territory of high flying Aves


Thrill in gaining sudden height as the parachute opens and shoots up


Conversation in the Himalayas or with the Himalayas; Both possible


Drop-zone at Gorakshep- Highest drop-zone for any Aerial adventure in the world


Jubilant crew of Everest Skydive 2013


Everest Skydive 2013



A gateway to Everest, Lukla Airport 2860m- one of the most thrilling airports of the world


Skydiving team  offers respect to revered culture and religion of the region- a Himalayan culture of offering prayers to successfully achieve the goal













Memorable moments to cherish- Everest Skydive Team 2013 during a group photo-shoot 


Client gearing up for the dive of a lifetime- Skydiving professionals use branded kits for client’s 100% safety


Fully equipped and the ride is ready, Aerial photographer and divers ready for the flight load to jump


A rare view in Everest- Helicopters taking loads for the dive during Everest Skydive 2013 during a clear weather


A mixed sensation of fear and extreme excitement- An experience right before the jump from the altitude of above 20000ft for a novice skydiver with the tandem master


True moments to capture- Professional Aerial Photographer of the Everest Skydive crew jumps right after the client’s tandem jump to capture the most adventurous moments of his life


Moments of tandem and solo free falls in the shadows of Everest during ESD 2013


Solo skydiver during Everest Skydive 2013- Altitude and landscapes below really make Everest an elite adventure on the top of the world


A series of solo dives by the professional skydivers during Everest Skydive 2013- Afterall, any skydiver in the world would like to try it once


The maximum fun in performing acrobatic activities could be in the sky- Of course! the fun level rises if the sky is over Everest


The thrill of the dive and the feast to the eyes with breathtaking mountainous landscapes- Prime highlights of Everest Skydive 


Dropzone at Syangboche Airport 3870m- Highest dropzone in the world which lies in the foothills of the highest Himalayan giants


The team of Everest Skydive offering financial aid to Namche Clinic- Everest Skydive Team has put genuine effort to make the  lives better of the people living in Khumbu Region,Nepal


A glimpse of life in Khumbu Region which also  makes Everest Skydive the most special and daring adventurous feat in the world


Everest Skydive: Pinnacle of Skydiving


Three solo skydivers were interviewed in Hotel Malla after their dives during Everest Skydive 2013. Weather, because of the Cyclone Phailin in India, the entire sub-continent was affected and hence the Everest Skydive. Because of the unfavorable weather conditions some turned to be lucky being able to jump beyond 20000m and few were unfortunate. Marc Kopp, set a record of being first disable person to skydive during this year’s Everest Skydive. Here, we have an interview of David Philips, Alexander Zadirov and Patr Zadirov on their skydive experience.


David Philips, Alexander Zadirov and Patr Zadirov during an interview 

EH: How was your trip to Nepal, do you like Nepal?

David: What I have seen so far, Nepal is amazing, totally amazing.

 Zadirovs: We like Nepal very much. It was a great experience, people were nice and we had an amazing holiday. We enjoyed a lot.

EH: The Everest Skydive begins with the trek to Syangboche, how was your trek?

David: The trekking was amazing too.

Zadirovs: There were two main parts of our trip, trekking & skydive itself. The trek part was perfect. It was interesting, nice people guided us through. Lot of beautiful places and everything was just great. It is our first time in Nepal. We have been too many countries before. The capitals of many countries are very specific. The countrysides here resembled to the countrysides of our country. The trek was fantastic.

EH: How was your skydive?

Zadirovs: The team of Everest Skydive; divers and crew in the drop zone were professionals which we would rate very highly. The great team, great people and perfect atmosphere; everything was great. Except for a thing which is beyond the control of Explore Himalaya and the crew, was altitude. We planned two jumps from a lower heights and one jump at a same time from 20000m+ altitude. But, perhaps the bad weather restricted the pilot of our helicopter to fly beyond 10000m. So, we had jumps from the heights not exceeding 10000m. Some guys did 23,000m. We must say, we were unfortunate. Everything else was perfect.

David:  I got to dive from the altitude of 22000m and it was truly amazing. People there were some of the best I have ever met. They were professionals, and they helped you for everything you needed. They were right there for you. I did my 1000, 1001, & 1002 jumps here in the Everest.

EH: How would you recommend the Event back home to the interested skydivers?

David: I would just tell them, this would be one of the most amazing experiences that they would ever have in their life. This is the pinnacle of skydiving for me. This is top; the only other place from here is the space

Zadirovs: We already have people who are interested in this trip back in Russia. Besides, what we highlight is the positive aspect, the team and the trek. Only thing required is, attention shall be granted. Besides, this it was a great experience. We would recommend anyone saying that they would have a great great time. But, we are not in the position to guarantee the elevation of dive. We loved the trek part, enjoyed time with the guides and views were outstanding and the crew of Everest Skydive was wonderful.

EH: How were the hotels you stayed in?

David: Great, everything went smooth and service in the hotels was fantastic.

Zadirovs: Hotel in the city was great. We were shocked with the services in the hotels beyond 3000m. The facilities of hot water, amazing service, mobile networks; anything we needed was available. We admire the system of Nepalese Tourism working so hard to facilitate the trekkers so well in such tough conditions.

EH: How do you rate the service of Explore Himalaya?

David: To me, I would rate 10 on 10. Everything has been amazing.

Zadirovs: We would rate it very highly everything was organized without hiccups and all we have to do is, just followed the instructions.

EH: Do you have any recommendations, so that Explore Himalaya can exercise to make this Event better in the coming years?

David: Nothing specific but if there is a space to work on elevation factor that could be great.

Zadirovs: Only one recommendation; elevation. Otherwise the team and everything was perfect. We totally understand weather is beyond control however, this event lasts for two weeks and if there is any space Nepalese Government can slightly consider in Traffic Control Rules particularly for the Event.

EH: Do you think the Event has potentiality to attract more skydivers in the coming years?

David: Yes, absolutely. It has the abundant potentiality to do so.

Zadirovs: Why not? Even, a high official of the Russian government who is also a skydiver is planning to come to Nepal for the Everest Skydive next year. If the Event is promoted well it has a huge potentiality.

EH: Thank you so much for your time.

Everest Skydive: An ultimate Adventure



Libor Fryzek, in Hotell Malla after the Everest Skydive

Everest Skydive is getting bigger every year. Expert Skydivers in the crew, trekking adventure to the diving site, feast to the eyes during the aerial view of the mountain landscapes, efficient organizer Explore Himalaya and the level of adventure involved in the dive itself in the shadow of Everest makes this event an Ultimate Adventure.

Libor Fryzek from Czech Republic said few lines on Everest Skydive after his successful completion of solo dive from the height of 23000ft during the Everest Skydive 2013.

“The crew was great and the view of mountain landscape during the flight was incredible. I had a great flight during the Everest Skydive. The experience was wonderful and I liked it very much. The whole thing was fantastic.”

Everest Skydive 2013: Marc Kopp sets a record



Marc Kopp in the hospital after the skydive

After the jump from a whopping height of 22,000 ft overlooking Everest by MS sufferer Marc Kopp, we need to re- define the limits of what a person can do. On October 27, 2013 Marc Kopp, successfully completed a tandem dive with his friend, champion skydiver Mario Gervasi setting a record of first disabled to skydive over Everest. As soon as the jump was completed, he was taken to hospital by helicopter for his thorough medical examination and declared as fit by the doctors.

The 55-year-old French, living in Longwy northeast of Paris, has suffered the degenerative disease of the nervous system for more than a decade. Inspite of all the inherent risks involved in the event and the painstaking preparation, he made his dream come true. His miraculous feat has been in the media limelight including national dailies and international media since his record breaking jump. He thanked the event crew and Explore Himalaya, the event host of the elite adventure for their support and encouragement.

“I hope my action will inspire others living with this illness. I hope many more will follow in my footsteps,” said the contended diver. Kopp, who is accompanied by Mario Gervasi and Eric de Aranjo, is anticipated to be welcomed by a huge crowd of his supporters back home.



A legendary feat over Everest by a Multi sclerosis sufferer Marc Kopp with Maroi Gervasi

Link to Marc Kopp’s skydiving video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXAzmse1-vI&feature=youtu.be

Everest Skydive: Experts in the crew



Sewell family during a conversation with Explore Himalaya at Hotel Malla- James left to an interviewer

Eighteen year old James George Sewell from Great Britain becomes the youngest Everest Skydiver during the Everest Skydive 2013. Peter Leonard Sewell and Alexander Peter Sewell accompanied James to Khumbu Region for this extreme adventure. Peter and Alexander expressed their joy for James successful dive. James had a tandem jump with Dr. Ryan Jackson on October 25. James shares his experience with Explore Himalaya after his first ever Skydive.

“Initially, I was nervous throughout the whole trip about the dive itself. But, the whole team was really very supportive and Ryan handled the dive so well that I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

“I was very well briefed, at least four times before the jump and the jump was ..brilliant….just amazing. I had a fantastic time. The experience was great.”

“The entire team of Everest Skydive is very experienced and wonderful. The team is very confident and they tried really very well to make the dive even more exciting.”

“We would recommend the program to everyone and we ended this holiday in a very happy note.”

Extreme Adventure: Everest Skydive 2013


Everest Skydive-2013

Everest Skydive 2013 begins on October 24, 2013 with the four test jumps by the crew members. Prior to the jumps the crew of Everest Skydive 2013 arrived to their base at Syangboche. Four crew members- Dr. Ryan James Jackson, Mr. Derek Thomas, Ms. Wendy Smith and Mr. Omar Alhegelan landed on the Dropzone of Syangboche Airport 12400ft at 3PM after the successful test jumps.

Clients reached to Namche on the same day.  Mr. Krishna Aryal, Coordinator for Special Adventure of Explore Himalaya has also joined the group of Skydivers.

Mr. Aryal said, “the weather is ideal and the skydivers are eager to make the jumps.” He informed us that before 9:30am on October 25 2013, three jumps were made. James George Sewell made the tandem jump from 23,000ft with Dr. Ryan Jackson. Solo jumps by Robert Andrew Crompton and Libor Fryzek from the same height were made after Sewell’s Jump. First three jumpers on the first day of Everest Skydive 2013, landed at the drop-zone in Syangboche Airport.