Everest Skydive 2011 – Images


Landing a Lukla airport


Trek to Shayngboche


Blessings from the Lama


Prepped up


solo exit – Bill Booth


Dawie films Mario’s solo dive

Wendy films Jolie Tandem

Wendy films Jolie’s Tandem


Is it a bird? Is it Superman? Noooooo, it’s a Skydiver!!!

solo -  PHILL Smith

Phil Smith- Solo

ESD-2011 TED ATKINS Tandem Passenger

Tandem- Ted Atkins


Dropzone Landing



ESD 2011- group

ESD 2011




Everest Skydive 2011 – Visual Journey


From Florida to Everest – Phil Smith takes the World’s Highest Leap

Everest Skydive 2011 saw some very experienced skydivers taking the’ World’s Highest Leap’. Phil Smith from USA was one of them. Posted below are his comments on Everest Skydive  and his first visit to Nepal.

Phil Smith

Phil Smith ( Pic: Explore Himalaya)

“Hi, my name is Phil Smith and I live in Florida. I came here to skydive in the Mount Everest. I have been skydiving since I was 22…now I am almost 68. Friends of mine advised me that I should do it. I made a solo jump from about 28000 feet. It was absolutely gorgeous. I can’t explain to you in words …it was a great adrenaline rush…something you get only once in your life! But sadly we can’t do formation skydiving over there because of the thick clothing (skydiving suit). It’s actually warm, but the bulky suit makes it hard to move our body and form positions…

I had never been here before. I  have been to Thailand several times, and in Russia and South America.  I can say I really enjoyed this trip to Nepal. The scenery is beautiful and the people here are warm and hospitable. If you come here with a good attitude and an open mind you will actually enjoy it.
I recommend everybody to try out Everest Skydive. This is really a great sport. From Florida I was able to get to Everest and jump without catching a cold, that’s pretty good planning!!”

Everest Skydive – ‘An Unbeatable Experience’ for seasoned skydiver Bill Booth

 Everest Skydive is fast becoming a ‘mecca’ for skydiving enthusiasts. According to those who have done it, nothing beats the thrill of freefalling from above Mt. Everest amidst the magnificent Himalayan environment. Bill Booth, veteran skydiver(6100 jumps (including 6 at North Pole) under his belt)  from Florida and a participant of  Everest Skydive 2011, has  led skydiving expeditions to some of the world’s  remote corners (Table Top mountain in South America, North Pole etc). According to him, “skydiving in the North Pole and Everest Skydive are the two greatest skydiving experiences in the world.”
Sharing an uncanny resemblance to famous American guitarist Billy Gibbons (of American rock band ZZ Top), warm, affable, and articulate William Ross Booth, aka Bill  graciously took time out to share his experience with us.

Will Booth

Bill Booth (Pic: Explore Himalaya)

Excerpts from the interview:
EH: How does it feel having skydived at the World’s Highest drop zone?
Bill: It is overwhelming. I have got 6100 jumps. I have been to the North Pole 6 times, I have jumped on the mountain tops in South America but the beauty of this is beyond belief. After I landed I thought I was looking at the world on television. It was an amazing feeling. At that certain time your mind is trying to take in so much stuff, that you feel overwhelmed. …you call it sensory overwhelming. It’s so beautiful and the terrain is just so amazing …I have been to the Alps, the Rockies but there’s nothing quite like being near Everest. It’s gorgeous and I would say it’s an absolutely overwhelming experience and pretty much tops anything I have done…and I have done a lot!

EHTrekking high up in the mountains on your first visit to Nepal. How did it feel?
Will: The trekking was good. It’s really hard coming from Florida after just two days. But you feel like you earned it and you deserved it. I feel you have got to earn the right to get up there. You can’t just fly in a helicopter… it wouldn’t be the same. When you trek you earn the right to get there, you work hard especially the last ascent into Namche. The trek was gorgeous. It’s the best trek I have done so far. I have trekked in Milford Sound in New Zealand, I have walked over the Rockies and the highest mountains in the US, but this experience was on a different scale. It’s very far and exotic and there’s a magic in Everest. For some reason you know, you get a tear in your eye when you see it (Mount Everest) finally ….


Bill’s solo jump from about 30,000 feet (Pic courtesy: Bill Booth), photograph taken by ESD Photographer

EH: What thoughts crossed your mind while you were freefalling?
Bill: I made a solo jump from about 30,000 feet. I saw Everest while I made my exit but then I turned my back to it and paid attention to the photographers, so that they may get my  pictures right ha ha ha… It was slightly nerve racking because of the terrain. Everywhere you look there are mountains. But I had three guys who had jumped there many times and I saw the way they were heading and turned my parachute the same way. Within 15 seconds I saw the drop zone. I was scheduled to make two jumps, but unfortunately we had to cancel the second jump as we ran out of time.

EH: Will you do this again?
Bill: Yeah, of course. I would love to. There are a lot of places I want to go but this has been an unbeatable experience. When I first heard about it, I was like “no way, you can’t do it at that altitude… you are gonna break your limb.” But after I looked at the videos  of the first year (ESD 2008), I thought I wanna do that and I finally got it on my schedule.
I recommend everybody to do it (Everest Skydive)because there’s no skydive like this. I have skydived in all the great places that you can skydive in but this experience is unbeatable! Even someone who has never made a jump can easily do it. To see that tandem works here is gratifying!!

Everest Skydive & Global Angels Aid for Khumjung School’s Computer Education project

Everest Skydive, apart from offering to the world one of the best extreme aerial adventures is also working towards   improving the quality of  life in the high mountains. To this effect Everest Skydive has partnered  with international charity organization Global Angels Foundation. 

Global Angels Foundation, the international charity partner of Everest Skydive recently donated branded computers, printers and projector to Khumjung  School  located in Khumbu Himal. The school which was founded by Late Sir Edmund Hillary in 1961, was in dire need of these equipments to run its Computer Education programme.  Everest Skydive worked together with Global Angels to fund the school’s Computer Education Project. Posted below are pictures of Everest Skydive Team donating the equipments to the school’s administration.

Computers for Khumjung School

Computers for Khumjung School 

Computers for Khumjung School

Wendy Smith, Chief Co-ordinator of ESD &  Global Angels Ambassador with school kids

Global Angels and Everest Skydive 2011

Khumjung school computers

ESD 2011 Crew with Khumjung School’s Staff, Khumjung Village

Everest Skydive Charity

(Pics: Wendy Smith)

Everest Skydive 2011- Klaus Gachter Shares His Views

Septuagenarian Klaus Gachter from San Francisco, USA is one of the oldest Everest Skydive participants. Klaus was part of Everest Skydive 2010 (last year's Interview) and he was back this year. According to him last year’s experience was just so fantastic that he decided to give it a go this year too. After his return from Shyangboche, Klaus took time out to meet us and share his views about his Everest Skydive experience:

“I did Everest Skydive last year and it was just fantastic and I wanted to do it again. This year’s experience , well in many ways it was the same but this year the weather was so much better.  Though it was foggy and cold after the test jumps, on Sunday (Jump day – 23rd October) the weather was just fantastic. It was clear, sunny and not too cold. I made a tandem jump with Ryan Jackson from 29000 feet and the view while freefalling was wonderful . You cannot imagine how beautiful the environment looks from above! The whole experience was very exciting, very interesting and beautiful and yes, just fantastic.

I have skydived at other drop zones, but these were regular skydives. Skydiving in the Himalayan region is special and as far as Everest Skydive is concerned, there’s just no comparison.

I am thinking of coming here again next year if my calendar allows. Hopefully, maybe by making the jump next year I will set the record of being the oldest person to skydive in high altitude!”


Klaus Gachter (Pic: Explore Himalaya)

Mario Gervasi’s Everest Skydive Experience

Everest Skydive – An Incredible Experience
Explore Himalaya met up with French skydiver Mario Gervasi who was part of  Everest  Skydive 2011, on 25th October 2011 at Dwarika’s in Kathmandu. Mario holds the distinction of being the first French skydiver to participate in Everest Skydive and to jump from the highest altitude.

Excerpts from the interview:
EH– Can you give a brief introduction about yourself?
Mario – I am Mario Gervasi and I come from France. I lead the French Everest Skydiving Team.  Last year me and my wife participated in the Everest Skydive event and I became the first French skydiver to make the highest altitude jump. This year I came with Jean-Marc Nowak whose jump has been sponsored by His Excellency, Prince Albert of Monaco, a staunch supporter of the preservation of the Himalayan environment. Jean-Marc by skydiving in the Everest Region wishes to convey Prince Albert’s message of minimizing global warming and preservation of the fragile Himalayan eco-system.

Mario with Prince Albert

The French Everest Skydive 2011 team with Prince Albert of Monaco (from left: Mario Gervasi, His Excellency Prince Albert of Monaco, Priscilla Telmon & Jean-Marc Nowak)

EH– Tell us about this year’s jump experience?
Mario – This time the weather conditions were marvelous. Although after the test jumps, the weather took a turn for the worst and it started snowing, the following days were exceptional. When it snowed we were apprehensive whether we will be able to make the jumps, as we had only few days at the drop zone. But our prayers were answered and I guess Lord Buddha was happy too as on the jump day, 23rd October, the weather improved – there was clear sky, no wind and the conditions throughout the day remained   just perfect.


Snowfall at Shyangboche drop zone dampened the team's spirit, but only for a while…


Mario & Jean-Marc landing after making a tandem jump

Mario & Jean-Marc

Jean-Marc & Mario

EH – How would you rate skydiving in Everest in comparison to your other jump experiences?
Mario – My extreme skydiving experience includes four jumps in the North Pole and one in the South Pole. But Everest Skydive is just wonderful. I think this is the most fantastic jump experience in the world. Before the jump you fly high above some of the tallest peaks in the world. It is an amazing view. Once the door opens and you are about to freefall, the cold wind hits your face and you see the snowy expanse of Himalayan mountains and Mt. Everest. The feeling is just exhilarating. This is indeed an unforgettable experience!

mountain-esd 2011

Amazing view of Himalayan peaks

EH – What about your future plans, regarding Everest Skydive?
Mario – Next year I will be coming with Zinedine Zidane. I had proposed to him but he couldn’t come this year as planned because his duty as the Sports Director of ‘Real Madrid’ has kept him occupied. But next year he will be celebrating his fortieth birthday. ELA, the association we both are members of , is also marking its twentieth year in 2012. So to celebrate these milestones, Zidane will most probably I hope be a part of Everest skydive 2012.

EH – What  is your message to those who would like to try out Everest Skydive?
Mario – I would like to say to them that Everest Skydive is  truly a once in a lifetime experience. To freefall from above some of the world’s highest peaks is an experience that you will never forget. It is one of the most incredible and unforgettable skydiving experiences!

(Photos Courtesy: Mario Gervasi)

Everest Skydive 2011 Update

Jump day- 25th October, 2011, Shyangboche Drop Zone
Solo Jumps- Ryan Jackson, Bill Booth(USA) ,Dawie  Du Plessis,  Derek Thomas, Wendy Smith.
Tandem Jump – Jolie Lisa Ferrand (USA) with tandem master Ryan Jackson.