Traveling differently with Different Travel – fun mixed with charity that supports needy communities

Different Travel UK, is a tour operator that blends charitable tasks with interesting tours so well that travelers get opportunities to explore new travel destinations choke full with unique highlights and they also involve their travelers in some of kind humanitarian activity, that offers them the pleasing sensation of helping the needy people of underprivileged communities.”

Diffrent Travel Charitable work at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital
Welcoming the travelers of from Different Travel UK

However, DT does not contribute huge amount. The most beautiful thing about the travelers from Different Travel is that they love contributing the labor by themselves and the collective petty amounts that they donate is able to bring the significant changes in any place they involve themselves during their small but very noble projects.

After Poonhill Ghorepani Trek, the short and easy trek in Annapurna Region travelers from Different Travel in the morning of 9th November rode to the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital. They had fun during the most popular easy trek of the country and now it was time to contribute to the community that required help of any kind. On their arrival at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, the Medical Director of the hospital Prakash Raj Neupane officially welcomed the group and garlanded them “khatas” (traditional scarf which symbolizes compassion and purity).

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Diffrent Travel Charitable work at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital
The work begins at Cancer Hospital in Bhaktapur

Before the commencement of the work at the hospital Mr. Neuapne addressed the group with difficulties in the hospital because of current political instability and fuel crisis. After a brief formal ceremony of welcoming the guests, the work at the hospital kicked off.

The member travelers were divided into four groups. First group was involved in painting the poles for the fence and the electric poles of hospital premises. The second Group was involved in gardening work. At the evening, the group came up with the beautiful design for the garden and dug pot holes to plant flowers next day. The third group had bit technical people and hence they involved themselves creating a concrete base for the cistern in the parking lot and garden area. The fourth group painted the lower walls of the hospital building.

Diffrent Travel Charitable work at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital
Helping hands extended by our guide Dayula Sherpa

The group atmosphere was great throughout the day, lots of interaction with the hospital personals, local workers and natives were making it a special experience. John approved the good feedback from the members. To be followed by pictures tomorrow.

On November 10, group gets ready for drive at 0915 AM. Within half an hour drive, group reached to the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital. On reaching the Hospital premises, they were once again welcomed by Hospital Administration officer- Aswin Vaidhya and the group.

A short brief was given to the group about today’s work. For today activities, Hospital Visit, Painting of basement of the floor and pole, Fixing of Fences- both metal and bamboo and Leveling and plantation in Garden were involved.

The groups worked enthusiastically to complete the work.

In first half, after a short visit of Palliative unit and surrounding, different groups were engaged in coloring the basement of the floor, poles; leveling of the land in garden; fixing of metal fences and sanitation.

At 12 30 pm, it was time for lunch. Within 15 minutes walk from hospital at Greenland Resort the travelers from Different Travelers had their Lunch. After an hour rest at the resort, they walked back to the hospital to accomplish the work they were carrying out for almost two days.

During Second half, fixing of metal fences, coloring and sanitation activities were finished. Then, they started to make a bamboo fences for back side of garden. For this, they were taught how to cut the bamboo and fixed it in land. Other participants were involved in creating a border bricks in the garden, plantation, watering the plants and cleaning the garden premises.

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The group as well as participation of Hospital Administration Team, and Explore Himalaya Team, the project was completed on time. Then, for memento, we gave them a white cotton cloth to write on behalf of The Hospice of St. Francis.

Overall the work at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital Hospice Unit brought the significant changes and the charitable work ended in a happy note pleasing everyone; the travelers from Different Travels, the Hospital personals and of course the team of Explore Himalaya.

Diffrent Travel Charitable work at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital
Finally the mission accomplished making everyone happy