Danish Geographers Visit Nepal

A trip to Nepal not only promises fun & good time, but it can be educative as well. The high mountain environment, the rich spiritual history and co-existence of diverse ethnic communities make Nepal an interesting destination for scholars as well as researchers interested in Himalayan environment and culture.
Explore Himalaya recently organized a tour to Kathmandu, Samari & Chitwan for one such group from Denmark. It was a large group of 25, comprising of elderly geographers, mostly teachers. On 23rd October, 2011 EH met up with the group and talked   to two group members  – Mogens Engelund ( Group leader) and Lise Rosenberg (Geography Teacher) about their experiences.

Danish Group

Mogens Engelund & Lise Rosenberg sharing their experiences

EH– How was your trip to Nepal?
Lise– It was very nice. I visited  Nepal 11 years ago. The people here are very nice. Samari was very nice, Chitwan was nice too & Kathmandu is a fantastic city. Some of my friends said that they might go to Kathmandu on their own. They feel safe here.
EH – What do you have to say about the places you visited during trip?
Lise– Samari for me was the best. I had been to Chitwan on my previous visit to Nepal, so the experience was nothing new. In Samari I saw how village people lived. We met people and visited schools. Most of the group members are teachers. In Samari we experienced traditional Nepalese lifestyle which we can share with our students and others when we returned home. Some of the group members’ trips have been sponsored by their schools and especially for them the trip to Samari proved to be helpful.
Mogens– In Samari, I would suggest Lars (Director, Kipling Travels) to introduce more eco treks so that visitors could get more opportunities to explore the area.
EH – What  changes did you find in the country as compared to your previous visit?
Mogens- Just the other day I was walking around and found that now the situation has improved a lot more. It is wonderful seeing peace being restored. Nepal is a lot peaceful and safer now than in the previous years.
EH – What do you have to say about Explore Himalaya’s service?
Mogens– It was of very high standard!

EH – What would you say to those people planning a similar trip?

Danish Geogarphers Group

Group of Danish Geographers (wearing ‘khada’ (traditional scarves))

Pics: Explore Himalaya