Chitwan, Pokhara and Samari: Destinations to experience to wildlife, nature and rural lifestyle of Nepal

Chitwan National Park is the one of  closest wildlife reserves from Kathmandu. One hundred and twenty six kilometers from Kathmandu the park, is the home for wide diversity of plants and animals which includes endangered species like Royal Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhino, Gangetic Dolphin and Ghariyal crocodile. The adventurous highlight at Chitwan is to experience the wild abode at its best during the Wildlife Elephant Safari. The culture of Tharu ethnic in the region is also another highlight of the park.

Unlike Chitwan, Pokhara is the city well known for its tempting natural beauties. Lakes, caves, falls, rivers and gorges are scattered throughout the city. The scenic view of Himalayas including Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri flanked by the most unique virgin mountain Fishtail can be observed from different angles from different Mountain View-points in Pokhara.

Home-stays are also very popular tourist activities in Nepal. A beautiful middle hill village Samari, in the Central Nepal is a popular home-stay destination. Samari is closely located to Kathmandu. An opportunity to experience  the rural lifestyle and culture by staying in the houses of local villagers can be the best way to have insightful look into Nepalese lives.

Different locations, diverse highlights and contrasting funs, this holiday package address those who wish to travel around Nepal to see most of it. Four Danish travelers were on this trip this autumn. The guests through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel had a wonderful time here in Nepal. Mr. Daniel Fischer and Ms. Birgit Brammer said few lines on their cultural tour to Nepal and service of Explore Himalaya.

Ms. Birgit and Mr. Wilsdahl

We have several memorable memories. However, the guided hikes to the villages nearby Kathmandu as well as in Pokhara and Samari, canoeing and Elephant Safari in Chitwan and the beautiful views of mountainous landscapes from Pokhara were the most amazing parts of this trip.

Talking about your service everything was smooth, on time and very professional. All our expectations were met. Guides were kind and competent. Staffs took very good care of us and we felt secure all the time. Explore Himalaya did a great job by allocating one of your staffs to accompany us during the Election scenario in Nepal. You offered us excellent service and handling throughout the trip. Thank you so much.

Mr. and Ms. Fischer

The best memory of our trip was Wildlife Safari in Chitwan. It is one of the most amazing things we have ever done.

Your service was very nice and 100% correct. The staffs of Explore Himalaya were pleasant, welcoming and smiling. It was really good experience to travel with you guys.


ABC Trek, Trishuli Rafting and Chitwan Wildlife Safari: A perfect pacakage of Adventurous holiday

Annapurna Base Camp Trek allows you experience the Gurung culture at its traditional best in several Gurung hamlets on its trial. The walk along the pleasant rhododendron forests witnessing the paramount of rawness in nature, gaining the altitude above 4000m and the close-up views of Himalayan giants including Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Fishtail are also the major highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Rafting in Trishuli and Wildlife Safari in Chitwan National Park add the diverse adventurous thrill to Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Chitwan National Park Wildlife Safari is considered best in Asia whereas, Trishuli rafting covers the challenges of fierce river rapids like  Snail’s nose, Teendevi, Malekhu rapid, Monkey rapid, Upset, Surprise, Monsoon, Cotton Pony, Ladies Delight, S-Bend, Highway, Monsoon and Pinball Rapid. While on the calm and tranquil spots of the river you can let go your exhaustion and enjoy the landscapes of lush vegetation, highway activities just above the ridge.

This autumn, two ladies Ms. Eva Sneppen and Ms. Josephine Gylling from Denmark were on this adventurous holiday to Nepal. The guests through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel had three short sentences to say on their trip.

Best memory of the trip, all of it.

Services of Explore Himalaya exceptionally perfect.

And the recommendation to fellow travelers- Just do it.


Best of Nepal Tour: Highlights best varieties of Nepal

The best encounters to Cultural, Natural and Wildlife aspects of Nepal; Best of Nepal Tour is an ideal family tour. Kathmandu valley- comprising Kathmandu Bhaktapur and Patan houses seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and thousands of other heritages scattered throughout the city. The carnival valley also celebrates numerous festivals throughout the year especially by its native inhabitants-Newars.

The captivating grandeur in nature, Pokhara highlights sparkling Lakes, mystifying caves, fabled falls, echoing gorges and hill stations overlooking the town with the exceptionally beautiful Himalayan views. Aerial Adventures like paragliding, skydiving, zip-flying, ultra light flights and mountain flights have also made Pokhara a hub of flying adventures.

Chitwan National Park, probably offers the best wildlife safari in the entire Asia. Safari on the back of giant Asian elephant through the lush vegetation with the hope of encountering rare species  is gripping adventure at Chitwan. Furthermore, the stick dance performed by the ethnical Tharu tribe in the neighborhood could be a great fun amidst the bonfire at the river bank.

Elizabeth Larsen accompanied by two other fellow travelers from Denmark this autumn, were with Explore Himalaya for Best of Nepal Tour. Ms. Larsen through our exclusive country partner Kipling Travel said few lines on their tour before their departure back home.

Nepal is a beautiful country and the nature here is incredible. People are very kind and always ready to help.

The service of Explore Himalaya was perfect and everything was on time. Guides were excellent, driver was very careful and the staffs were very professionals who very well offered the best services during the CA Election rush in Nepal.


Interview with Guinness World Record Holder, Mr. Emilio Scotto

Argentine national, Emilio Scotto is a sheer adventurer, enthusiastic photojournalist and a noteworthy travel writer. He has been holding the Guinness World Records since 2009 for his achievement of 10 years Motorcycle ride-which is the longest journey in a motorbike taking him to 279 nations covering 735000 kilometers. His ride around the world was his beautiful Black Princess- 1980 Honda Gold Wing GL1100 . Scotto was in Nepal in the beginning of the Monsoon of 2013 with other fifteen associate riders. Explore Himalaya was overwhelmed to have an opportunity to be a part of Mr. Scotto and his team’s Nepal Tour. These Argentine travelers took a short rest from riding  and traveled on a private vehicle to the three most delightful cities of Nepal- Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. After the completion of the trip Explore Himalaya had a small interview with Mr. Emilio Scotto. Mr. Scotto married in India. To live his dream of a traveler he and his wife sacrificed with not having a child. Actually, we are humbled to have an opportunity to host a person like Mr. Emilio Scotto who has acquired such heights. Personally, I pride on myself for having interviewed this traveling icon.


An interview view with the well known traveler- Emilio Scotto

Here we have Mr. Scotto’s comments on the behalf of his entire team regarding the tour to Nepal.

EH: How was your trip to Nepal?

When I was kid, the names of Nepalese cities were in my dreams. So, I came to Nepal in 1990, and now I am here again after 23 years, I won’t be surprise to see enormous changes in Nepal. Whatsoever, Nepal is as beautiful as it was then in 1990. Actually, last time in 1990 I came on a bike. I returned to Nepal again because I am in love with Nepal. All my friends traveling with me liked Nepal. They loved Pokhara and they wished to stay a few more days there. They also wished for a day more at Chitwan.

EH: So, far in the cultural aspect, Kathmandu valley holds seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Which one do you appreciate the most?

See it’s pretty hard to pick one from the choices, as all of them are equally amazing. However, we visited Boudhanth before we traveled to Pokhara and Chitwan and once we have returned back to Kathmandu, my fellow members wanted to spend some more time at Boudhanath. They were amazed to see such an serene place which is so sacred and tranquil.

EH: How was your experience in Pokhara?

Pokhara is very nice place. Boating in Fewa Lake was exceedingly pleasurable, Davis Fall (pause for a while), it is just out of the world. The caves were not that interesting as my team had expected. The hotels were very nice and services provided by the hotels were great. My team wished to stay a few more days in Pokhara, so they could explore more in this enchanting city. We were lucky enough to see the panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges including the unique Fishtail  on the last day at Pokhara and  even that, just for a while. The view was awesome.

EH: Did you enjoy the wildlife experience in Chitwan National Park?

Chitwan National Park is a beautiful place for the wildlife adventure. Everyone in my team loved the place. It is probably the best destination for the Wildlife Safari in entire Asia. We had great fun during the Safari. As we began the journey from Pokhara to Chitwan it was raining. Upon arriving at Chitwan the rain stopped. So, we began our Safari. As the Safari was on the verge to an end, we experienced the heaviest rainfall riding on the back of an elephant for the last ten minutes. It was probably the best experience for all of us at Chitwan National Park. We loved photographing in the rain. However, the next time I would go for a two person ride on an elephant instead of four as we Argentines are little bigger in size (laughs). It was total fun at Chitwan and we expected to spend more time there.


Emilio Scotto with the Explore Himalaya family

EH: Since the day you arrived to Nepal the heavy rainfall has created an adverse scene in properly exploring Nepal, Were you affected by the rain?

Yes. Though we didn’t have problems in exploring the cities but we also had  planned for the Helicopter ride to the Himalayas and I must admit rain did spoil it. As we didn’t want to risk the significant amounts chargeable for the helicopter ride and get nothing. Or, else everything was perfect.

EH: How would you describe Nepal in one word?

I am sorry, but I may not be the right guy to describe Nepal in a word. Nepal is synonymous to so many beautiful sides of nature and culture.

EH: Can we be hopeful that some day we will entertain more visitors to Nepal from Argentina who are especially recommended by you?

Yes, next year I am planning for the two groups. First in April, adding the Himalayas view tour to this tour we had this year. Next one, I am planning a Motorbike Tour in Nepal during the month of June.

EH: How were the services of our staffs during the entire tour?

All of them were very good. You know Argentines are not easy to handle (laughs). However, every guide was patience, informative and desperate in explaining. Guide in Chitwan was very good; similarly the guide in Pokhara was equally great. The guide in Kathmandu spoke Spanish so it was easy for me and all others to know better about Kathmandu. Even the bus driver was extremely good and had good explaining quality.

EH: Finally, is there anything you do not like during the tour?

Yes, overcrowded traffics in Kathmandu (laughs).

EH: Okay, Mr. Scotto it was nice talking to you and we wish for the exciting safe Motorbike journey in China.

Thank you so much.





Chitwan National Park- A Natural Heritage Site.



Time for an Elephant Safari.

Svend Jensen with his three friends was searching the travel partner here in Nepal after their arrival at TIA. The group had the wonderful time on their own from October 15 to 20. On 21st October Explore Himalaya was provided the opportunity to guide them to Chitwan National Park. Then and there, Explore Himalaya put the all efforts allowing the group to extract the best out of the tour. Chitwan National Park lies 130 km southwest to Kathmandu.


Chitwan National Park- A seasonal habitat of over 525 species of birds.

The park is enlisted in the list of UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. The park is very much popular amongst the wildlife admirers and it is also distinct because it is one of the rare wild abode of of the endangered species like One-horned rhino and the Bengal tiger. Explore Himalaya as usual was exactly able to figure the tour anticipation of the visitors.


Baby Rhino- Searching a Hide-out.

Jensen and the friends had the greatest time in the wild with exceptional Wildlife Safari on October 22. They eventually, enjoyed the cultural show by the locals the same night. After, the wonderful short wildlife tour the group headed to Kathmandu on 23rd. Explore Himalaya escorted them to the TIA on 24th and made the happy see off.


Out of the bush: Can expect many more.

Pics: Explore Himalaya.

Wild life in Nepal is conserved in 16 different wildlife reserves and parks scattered in different parts of the nation.


Nepal and Bhutan Trip

Donatella Zucconi and Mauro Baffigi from Italy, originally contacted us showing their interest in doing the Beijing-Lhasa train and further Lhasa-Kathmandu overland trip. However, their plan was not fulfilled because of the sudden change in Tibet visa rule where 4 persons of same nationality was required in order to obtain the visa. Although, they could not visit Beijing and Lhasa, they set up for the Nepal and Bhutan trip for the first time.

Rhinos at Chitwan National Park

We organized the 15 days Nepal and Bhutan trip which the clients immensely enjoyed. Though this is the first visit to these countries, they found it ‘absolutely comfortable and feel as we were at our home and thanks to Explore Himalaya which did everything perfect’.

Deer at Chitwan National Park

The trip was followed by the Jungle safari in Chitwan added more color and Donatella told to us ‘being around the animals in Chitwan was the most memorable time in her life’ as she was fond of animals.

Takin, the national animal of Bhutan

Bhutan touched their heart and they enjoyed the trip to Bhutan very much. They described:  ‘Bhutan is a country like no other else in the world just particularly its happiness philosophy and its uncontemplated landscapes. Apart from the tough job of hiking, the visit to ‘Tiger Nest’ was the most beautiful part of our trip.’


The Tiger Nest in Paro

Both of them were very satisfied with the services of our guide and our supported staffs and thanked us for organizing the great trip.

Punakha Dzong in Punakha

Buddha Point in Thimpu

Taa Dzong in Paro

Photo: Donatella Zucconi

Bhutan Trip

Conservation Drones introduced in Chitwan National Park

After conservation drones were successfully tested in Chitwan National Park by World Wildlife Fund, Nepal to check poaching and monitor the movement of animals at the park, the government will be introducing the use of these drones (unmanned remote controlled aircrafts) to save and monitor wildlife in the protected zones. The drone can fly up to an elevation of 200 metres and stay in the air for 45 minutes. It has a wingspan of two-metre (6.5-foot) and a range of 25 kilometres (15.5 miles). The drone is fitted with cameras and GPS to capture images and video. The forest reserves and national parks in the country are home to many endangered species of birds and mammals. The introduction of conservation drones in these protected zones will be effective in saving animals like the one-horned rhinos, tigers and elephants which are targeted by poachers.

Chitwan -Elephant Safari

Elephants & rhinos at Chitwan National Park (Pic courtesy: NTB)

Visit Chitwan National Park

2012 declared as the International Year of the Rhino

Year 2012 has been declared as the International Year of the Rhino. The declaration was made by Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on June 5. Citing rising threats from poachers and illegal hunters and the need for immediate action to protect and conserve the rhinoceros population and habitat, the declaration was made. In the last decade two rhino subspecies, the Indochinese Javan rhinoceros in Vietnam, and the Western Black rhinoceros in Cameroon have gone extinct. In Nepal the endangered one horned rhino (prized for its horn by poachers and illegal hunters) is found in the lowland terai jungles. Their habitat is protected by the National Parks and forest reserves. According to reports, 2011 was a landmark year for conservation in Nepal as not a single rhino was reported killed in the country during the year.

one horned rhino

One horned rhino at Chitwan National Park