Bull Fight in Nepal – the battle of horns in remote Taruka Village

Ox Fight in Nepal
Capturing the best shot is always a challenge at the event

Tenth year of bringing scattered Bull fight celebration was huge success at Taruka. Taruka is an underprivileged village of Nuwakot district lying extreme south close to Dhading district.

Before 2006, the historic event, Bull fight in Nepal used to take place at many locations of Taruka village. Because of few adverse impacts and few seen possibilities that could emerge Taruka as unique travel destination during the month of January, locals of the village agreed to celebrate the event at one common venue in 2006. Since then the event is becoming larger every year.

Ox Fight in Nepal
Oxen on a head to head battle

2016 January 15, 14 pairs of oxen entertained thousands visitors at Taruka. The Bull Fight in Taruka began more than 100 years ago, when Rana Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher handed over the region to his son in-law, Jaya Prithivi Bahadur Singh. Locals to entertain the royal in-laws began the Bull fighting event.

Ox Fight in Nepal
Locals and visitors ringing the battle field to observe the Ox Fight

Bull Fighting Event 2016 had 14 brawls. 14 pairs of oxen acquiring similar fighting abilities were set free in the open battleground to fight. The ox that ran away during the fight lost the brawl and the winner stood tall in the ground. There were few fights where no ox accepted defeat and hence the fights were declared draw. During the fights the owners of the ox along with four referees closely observed the fight to avoid any serious injuries.

Travelers who can endure a rough dusty uphill ride and can make adjustments with basic logistics can plan for the Bull Fight Event 2017, which truly is a fantastic day experience.

Ox Fight in Nepal
Few people climbed trees for the better view of the event