The Festival of Energy- Bisket Jatra

Bisket Jatra, Bhaktapur

When it comes to celebration of Jatras or Festivals, the people of Kathmandu Valley manifest amazing energy, the Bisket Jatra itself is the festival of highest level of energy, and truly speaking it is the festival of devoted aggression.

Bisket jatra is one of the major jatras in Nepal celebrated in Bhaktapur. This jatra is celebrated for 8nights and 9days. This festival is held annually during the New year of Nepal i.e. Bikram Sambat. This jatra is devoted towards two major deities, Bhairav and Bhadrakali. Few days past the New Year, these deities are preserved in the sacred chariot (Rath) and pulled to Bhaktapur  Durbar Square through cobbled maze streets  by the energetic crowd. The Rath stays there for a certain period and people from the city come to worship their deities.

The day before New Year, a huge wooden pole (Lingo) is raised at a corner of the town with a long banner hung, which symbolizes the victory of mythological battle. On the day of New Year, the Lingo is pulled down to the ground marking the end of old year.

Bisket Jatra, Bhaktapur

Here we have few photographs of Bisket Jatra- have a look.