Looking Back – GKN Everest Mission 2007

Looking Back – GKN Everest Mission 2007
Explore Himalaya had an opportunity to organize a high profile aviation event over the Everest in May 2007 .The project named GKN Everest Mission 2007 teamed up with the explorer Bear Grylls for a breathtaking Himalayan adventure: to fly a powered paraglider higher than Mount Everest. This daring feat – successfully completed on 14 May – acted as the focal point of a global challenge for GKN employees to help raise an extra $1 million for charity. This unique aerial adventure, which was documented and shot on location by Planet Earth has been aired on the Discovery Channel and Channel Four.

Explore Himalaya was appointed as a logistic partner in conjunction with High and Wild (UK) for the prestigious project. The specially designated team from Explore Himalaya spent over six months on the various assignments required for the mission, such as getting several different permits from Government’s offices, handling entire arrangement during their stay in Nepal, getting whole team and their equipment to and from take off point, arranging sets of crew to cater to the mission team including their film shooting unit etc.

In the morning of 14th May (Monday), 2007, Bear Grylls and fellow pilot Gilo Cardozo took off from Pheriche situated at 4240 meter (13910 ft) in the Everest . They flew to a height of 8,535 meter (28,000 feet) when, unfortunately a fault in Gilo’s machine forced him to abort his flight, when only 300 meter below the summit. He had to glide back to safety but Bear continued to ascend until, at 09:33 local time, he reached 8,990 meter (29,500 feet). Bear was able to look down on Everest as he circled above some of the most famous peaks in the Himalayas. Then his own engine developed problems and he too had to glide back to safety but he had achieved his goal. He had successfully flown over the Everest on his paramotor!

Bear Grylls, host of Discovery Channel adventure show Man Vs. Wild, author and seasoned adventurer added another feather in his cap, when he became the first person to fly over Mount Everest powered by paramotor.

Besides Bear and Giles, there were over 20 GKN employees supported by a team from Explore Himalaya, who trekked on foot to the take off point to witness the flight over world’s highest mountain in presence of liaison officers appointed by the Government of Nepal.


Explore Himalaya – In Support of the Spirit of Adventure
As an adventure company, Explore Himalaya champions extreme sports and events that test the limit of human endurance. Thus, the company was thrilled to be a part of an historic project like the GKN Mission Everest 2007. We are glad that the mission was successful.

Everest Skydive 2008 – Once Again Explore Himalaya Becomes a Part of a Historic Event
This year too Explore Himalaya is to be a part of a historic event: the Everest Skydive. This Sept/ Oct the Everest region will set the stage for a record breaking event. High & Wild in partnership with Explore Himalaya will organize the world’s highest skydive in  over Mt.Everest for more then 20 jumpers. Explore Himalaya is once again all set to be a part of another extreme challenge and unique event!