Site Visit to Nuwakot, Samari and Sele.

Explore Himalaya with its partner Kipling Travel, Denmark has been working quite a lot to promote the villages of Nuwakot, Samari and Sele. Despite of tourism perspectives, these destinations are unable to achieve the significant recognition amongst the visitors to Nepal. Acknowledging, the possibilities, the duo of Explore Himalaya and Kipling Travel has been promoting these destinations for the last few years. The dual effort has showed the positive signs over the years as Nuwakot, Samari and Sele are starting to expect the noteworthy visitors.


Seven storied palace at Nuwakot.

Nuwakot has the major historical charm of the Shah dynasty. The seven storied ancient palace built between 1763 AD to 1770 AD by Prithivi Narayan Shah reflects the perfect cultural and civilization images of the region in the very ancient days. Samari, is a village rich with ethnical culture of Magar race and lies amongst the beautiful green forests. Sele is popular Tamang village rich with natural beauties and ancient Tamang culture. The village is a hilltop for the panoramic mountain views of Himalayan peaks like Mt. Manaslu, Mt.Langtang etc. from its ridge.


Home-stay house at Samari.

Nuwakot and Samari have been the popular home-stay destinations for the past few years.  The EH Kipling alliance owns two traditional old houses in Nuwakot and Samari to provide basic facilities to visitors in this region. The third linking point Sele had the camping accommodation facilities. Since the number of visitors is increasing every year, the companies has planned an alternate to Sele camping.

A team including a photographer and an architect were recently sent to visit all these sites. As per the organizational plan of constructing the new ecological resort in sele, the team took the necessary measurements at our location in Sele and the construction is expected to start very soon.


Construction site for ecological resort at Sele.

Pics: EH.

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