Samy Awlia (Island Peak 6173m Climber)

Samy Awlia
Climb for Peace- Samy Awlia

Samy Awlia an Arab national is professionally a General Manager and founder of Adrenaline Production Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is now in Nepal with the objective to climb Island Peak 6173m. Middle East has rare mountaineers but Himalaya explore found Mr. Samy to be a very enthusiastic adventurer and was keen to summit the Island Peak. Despite of being an economic graduate from the King Abdul Aziz University and the commercial project manager in several MNCs for almost a decade, his passion towards the adventurous trips has brought him to Nepal for his first ever mountain climbing. Explore Himalaya got the opportunity for his exclusive interview.

EH: Welcome Samy, how are you doing?

Samy: I am doing great and enjoying in Nepal.

EH: So you are here to summit the Island Peak.

Samy: Yes. Since, this is my first ever mountain climbing I am very much excited and fingers crossed. (Takes long gasp)

EH: Despite of being a Graduate in Economics you are into the world of marketing your own adventure company, why did you decide to change your profession?

Samy: I am marketing professional for my own adventure company Adrenaline Production and I love adventures. Since, I am very much into the adventurous world I would like to have plenty of adventure seekers in the Middle East. So, I try to organize trips all over the world collaborating with other companies like Explore Himalaya. I am looking for trekking, biking, rafting, skydiving and other adventure trips all around the world.

EH: You are here in Nepal to climb the Island Peak, is it for the reason of knowing the Himalayas in the better way and to encourage the young adventure seekers back in the Middle East to explore their adventure enthusiasm here in the Himalayas?

Samy: Yes, that is completely true. In the mean time I am trying to build the partnership with Mr. Suman here in Nepal so that we can encourage people in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East to make the adventurous trips to Nepal. I am also planning to working on adventure training courses on leadership and team building in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia so that the every adventure trip could be successful. Besides my mission on climbing the Island Peak also has the charitable motive towards International Islamic Relief Organization.

EH: As per our experience we find very few people coming to Nepal for the adventurous trips from the Middle East and you are one of them. Do you think the people of Middle East can find the interesting adventurous trips to Himalayas in Nepal?

Samy: The trips to Nepal can be very much interesting but the proper marketing strategies shall be used. The first thing is that people in the Middle East must know the adventure trips in Nepal are safe and secure. They shall be well informed regarding the experiences of the adventure trip organizers of Nepal. People in the Middle East are unaware of the world class adventure expertise and the perfect safety measures being implemented in the Nepalese adventurous trips. We shall focus on providing the appropriate knowledge to the people in the Middle East regarding the adventure trips to Nepal. We shall inform to every adventure seekers in the Middle East about the risk free highly adventurous trips in Nepal.

Samy Awlia
Samy Awlia, an enthusiastic climber from the Middle East.

EH: We heard the people from Middle East have no adventurous passion. However, you have travelled a long way to Nepal to climb Island Peak. Do you think this adventurous trip of yours will attract the other adventure seekers in the Middle East towards the adventurous trips in Nepal?

Samy: I hope so. This is the strategy of the marketing and advertising. Basically, I am planning with my marketing strategy back home in two parts. Entertainment and Education, the people in the Middle East shall be well informed regarding the realities of the adventurous trips to the Himalayas. They shall be well trained with the leadership and team building qualities required during the adventurous trips. Secondly, they shall be introduced to risk free adventures and entertainments available in various adventurous trips. If we are capable of doing so, I believe we can bring plenty of adventure seekers to the Himalayas of the Nepal.

EH: Samy, you look very much excited to climb the Island Peak and before climbing you shall probably get lessons regarding climbing and ice works, we hope you will successfully climb the Island Peak.

Samy: Thank you so much. I am very much excited on climbing the Island Peak and next month I am going to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Hopefully, one day I will climb the Everest.

EH: Oh! Your ultimate target is to climb the Everest.

Samy: No, my ultimate target is to climb seven peaks and Everest is one of them.

EH: We wish a good luck for your mission Samy.

Samy: Thank you so much. (Laughs)

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