Ropai Jatra(Asadh 15)

Monsoons are underway and life at the farmsteads in Nepal are abuzz with planting activity.The farmers and their families are busy from dawn till dusk, ploughing the field, planting¬† rice saplings in the wet and muddy earth, all the while singing folk songs and trying to complete their day’s work before dusk falls. The fields in and around Kathmandu are in a flurry of activity as the farmers are busy planting samplings. Ropai Jatra, celebrated on Asadh 15(June 29th) marks the end of the planting season . The farmers mark the end of the planting period in a festive spirit, singing songs and having a pretty good time. It is customery to have yoghurt(dahi) , beaten rice(chewdda) and kwanti(a soup prepared with a mixture of beans and lentils) on this day.

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