Rolwaling & Jugal Himal

Rolwaling & Jugal Himal

Rolwaling which means “the furrow left by the plough” is a rugged yet beautiful area rarely visited. This region offers a lot of mountaineering adventure. Rolwaling region is the east-west valley below Gauri Shankar(7145m) and lies just south to the Tibet border. It is exceptionally rich in flora and fauna. The most popular settlements in the Rolwaling valley are Beding village (3510m) and Na Gaun(4120m).The land is full of the tales of the yeti, the abominable snowman. During the Rolwaling trek, one gets to enjoy magnificent views of Rolwaling peaks: Pharchamo peak (6187m) and Ramdung (5925 metres). This remote area is a challenging and rewarding trekking destination.
 The difference in the climatic conditions in this region is responsible for its varied flora and fauna. One will find dense forest including pine, oak, ferns, the spectacular flowering  rhododendrons and other deciduous trees. Even in the high mountain passes above the tree line, tiny alpine flowers can be found dotting the windswept ground. This Himalayan region is quite, peaceful and surrounded with natural beauties. Some of the Nepal’s most beautiful animal and plantlife are found here. There are reports of many endangered species residing in this area including the elusive musk deer, barking deer and Himalaya Tahr. This place is one of the few true wild areas accessible to trekkers in Nepal.

Sherpas are the main ethnic group who live in the Rolwaling region. Rolwaling is the heart land of Sherpas, with rich local cultures and their influence is to be seen everywhere from their traditional dresses to their distinctive houses and monasteries. Several ethnic minorities such as Rai, Tamang, Brahmin and Chhetri also inhabit the Rolwaling region. The only settlement on the upper Rolwaling is the small village of Beding.
Jugal Peak (Himal)
To the north-east of Kathmandu lies a chain of peaks called Jugal Himal, which includes Dorjee Lhakpa (6,966m), Madiya (6,257m) and Phurbi Chhyachu (6,637m). Jugal Himalaya trekking area (5755m) has high crossing passes, superb mountain view, picturesque villages, deep forests with attractive Panch Pokhari and Bhairab Kunda lake, impressive display of wild flowers, abundant wild life and friendly local people.The trail is narrow, it involves a lot of climbing. Usually March/April and October/November are the best time to trek.It is a marvelous trek through remote traditional Tamang villages and luxuriant forests. The drive from Kathmandu to Melamchi Pul takes about five hours. The trek towards the holy lakes named, “Panch Pokhari” (five lakes), situated at 14,000ft. is another breathtaking attraction. Enjoy the tranquility of trails that offer superb mountain views, green Himalayan ranges, and waterfalls. Jugal Himal Trekking is ideal for trekkers who would prefer not to meet other tourists or spend time in crowded villages. The high and remote Rolwaling Valley provides access to two of the permitted trekking peaks:Ramdung Rolwaling Peak and Pachermo Rolwaling Peak.
Ramdung Go Peak (5925 m): Ramdung Peak stands at the height of 5925 metres. The peak is situated south of the Tesilabtsa pass, which borders Khumbu and the immense Rolwaling valley. Crossing the pass into the remote valley of Rolwaling takes one to the Ramdung Peak. Ramdung Peak lies in the upper Rolwaling region. This little peak, offers a panoramic view of mountain ranges from Langtang to Everest and a splendid view of Mt.Gauri Shankar (7134m) as well as Menlungtse(7181m).Ramdung Go Peak is one of a cluster of peaks surrounding the Yalung La, which provides an access to upper Rolwaling from the south via the Khare Khola.  A team led by Bill Murray first climbed the peak in 1952. Ramdung had numerous ascents and has proved to be an ideal summit for commercial trekking and climbing group.
Pachermo Peak (6187m): Pachermo Peak lies to the south of the Tashi Lapcha pass. It is one of the trekking peaks that lie in the east- west of Rolwaling region. The peak is just above Tashi Lapcha. This peak of 6187 m can be approached either from Rolwaling or from Khumbu. Pachermo Peak has become the most popular climbing peak for trekkers who cross the high Tashi Lapcha pass to Khumbu Valley.It is an attractive and straightforward snow peak with a well-defined north-west ridge rising from the relatively flat crevassed glacier astride the Teshi Lapcha. To the west of the ridge, the face forms a uniform snow slope broken by crevasses and small seracs rising from the rocky lower buttresses above the Drolambau Glacier.
Rolwaling Trek:  This is an isolated and culturally diverse area. The trail crosses over Teshi Lapcha (5755 m) and enters into the Khumbu valley. Rolwaling and Teshi Lapcha are technically closed to foreigners. However, if you obtain a climbing permit for Ramdung, one of the trekking peaks, it will be easy to obtain a permit to explore this area and climb one of the peaks.  The trail starts from Charikote, leading up along the Tama Koshi riverbank under the shadow of Mt. Gauri Shanker (7,145m), the holy mountain to Bhote Koshi River. From Simigaon, the trail turns right along Rolwaling Khola running deeply below ahead and parting from the old trade route to Tibet. Views of Melungtse(7,181m) appear proceeding further through the village of Beding (3,690m) with its monastery. From the Na Gaun (4,183m) village, the trail ascends through grass-covered valley to Tso Rolpa then traversing the moraine on the north side of the valley onto the snout of the Tram Bau Glacier, which feeds the Rolwaling river.

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