Primus Power Gas – An Efficient, Odorless,Smokeless and Eco Friendly Fuel Alternative

For high altitude trekking and mountaineering expeditions, Explore Himalaya recommends the use of a special fuel known as Primus Power Gas. We have used the gas during some of our trekking and mountaineering trips and found it easy to carry (light and compact), efficient and powerful too. Primus Power Gas can be used with Primus Omni Fuel stove (see pics). It is smoke free, odorless and easy to use. There’s no hassle of the fuel spilling (like kerosene) or blackening the cooking utensils.
Primus is a Swedish company, and according to the company’s brochure Andree, Amundsen, Hillary and Tenzing are some of the famous adventurers who have chosen to use products by Primus.

Primus Power Gas canisters comes in two sizes: 220gm which costs Rs.400/- and 450gm which costs Rs.750/- on retail price, as of December 2007. The canisters are equipped with self-sealing safety valves and international standard screw threads.  According to the factory’s specification, if one burns the gas for an hour per day, a 220gm Primus Power gas canister will last for a week, during summer season at lower altitude. Whereas during winter, at high altitude, if one uses it for 1 hour per day, the gas will last for five days. Primus Omni fuel stove costs Rs.3,600/-.This stove is a multi-fuel stove which means it works with LP gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel and kerosene- even aviation fuel. The flame could be adjusted using the separate knob to provide the exact heat.

If you plan to go on a trekking or climbing expedition and want to use the Primus Power Gas and Stove during the expedition , you can contact Explore Himalaya .We have direct link with the local distributors in Nepal and can procure the gas as per your needs. We assure you about the good standard and quality of Primus Power Gas (Explore Himalaya will ensure that you receive the real stuff – no imitation or refilled canisters!).


225ml-can225ml cans of Primus Power Gas
220g Primus Power gas canisters – compact,light and powerful

A 220g and a 450g canister of Primus Power Gas

A clean,compact and efficient
A clean,compact and efficient fuel alternative – ideal for camping ,trekking and mountaineering expeditions

Primus stove-Rs.3600-only
Primus Omni Fue Stovel- smart stainless steel body and fold away legs , gripping pot supports and efficient fuel drainage

The Stove attached to the gas
The stove fixed to the fuel canister

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