Photography Workshop at Explore Himalaya

Explore Himalaya recently conducted a photography workshop for amateur photographers The workshop was organized to provide amateur photographers knowledge about tourism photography and brush up their photography skills . A group of 8 amateur photographers led by expert photographer Nadia Neupokoeva, Head of Explore Himalaya’s Photography Tours, took a photography field trip and visited different places of interest in and around Kathmandu valley. The focus was to capture shots that really matter and produce a set of images that would be used for tourism promotion in Nepal.The field trip lasted for 5 days. It started initially with a visit to Krishna Prasad Bhattarai photo exhibition which was held at his own residence in Badegaon, Godavari.

Photography Workshop

Amateur Photographers with Mr. Min Bajracharya at the Photo Exhibition held at Late Krishna Prasad Bhattarai's residence

The exhibition turned out to be very fruitful, as all the students had the opportunity to meet renowned Nepalese photographer Mr. Min Bajracharya, and share with him various ideas about photography. After the exhibition, the team were taken around Patan Durbar Square and were asked to take pictures from their own perspective. On day 2, the team were taken to Kirtipur and Chobar. The day was very productive as the assignment included filming both nature and monuments. On the third day, the team visited Gorakrna, Boudhanath and Swayambhunath. The team dispersed into groups and spent the whole day taking pictures around these areas. Nadia was always there to assist them all whenever required. The field site for the fourth day was Panuti and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. After taking pictures in Panauti, the team spent rest of the day in Bhaktapur.The fifth day comprised of an interesting visit to ancient Newari villages of Khokhana and Bungmati. After spending 2-3 days of capturing delightful images of monuments, the team really enjoyed nature photography. The phtography workshop overall was a success. The task was very well undertaken by all the phtotgraphers and the goal of imparting knowledge about tourism photography to all the amateur photographers was very well achieved. In the coming days Explore Himalaya will be coming up with such productive workshops.

EH Photography Workshop


Field trip


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