Photography tour to Nepal led by Nathan Horton


nathan horton-phptour1
Nathan Horton in hat- leading first photography group in Nepal

Nathan Horton is a graduate in Photographic Arts from the London Polytechnic. An expert photographer started his photography profession in 1990. He moved on his first photographic tour around Asia in 1992. His zeal in life has made him an extensively printed Photographer in the world. His photographic expertise generally excels in the major magazines and newspapers, advertising agencies, production agencies and commercial products. A professional photographer for 20 years, Mr. Nathan now enjoys teaching the Art of Travel Photography since 2006 in Cambodia.


Mr. Nathan Horton photographing a monk at a vicinity of Swayambhunath

Nathan Horton leads the Photography tour to Nepal and Explore Himalaya is privileged to achieve this opportunity to work with expert like Mr. Horton. His first photography tour to Nepal kicked off on March 26.

This is a special Photography  Tour under Mr. Nathan Horton, along with a group of other  photographers to give them an insightful tour to Kathmandu’s UNESCO World Heritage sites and various other places of Historic, Cultural and Religious importance around the valley. The tour will wander through ancient bazaars and medieval palace squares, explore ancient Newari villages which are breathing museums and shrines of the local deities. The tour also takes you to Nepal’s mid-hills and villages to experience country lifestyle and ethnic cultures of the Tamangs and Gurungs.

Nathan Horton and his team- flashes of cameras at Swayambhunath

The visit to Pokhara- a striking scenic lake town where nature is amplified with the views of majestic peaks, sparkling water lakes with boating and canoeing thrills will add on a greater value to your photographic tour. Witnessing some natural wonders of nature in waterfalls and gorges and magical dawns that light up the sky and the snowy Himalayan spires in hues of the rising sun and capturing these magical vistas and wonderful landscapes in your camera will obviously fulfill the expectations of an ideal Photographic tour.


Shooting the street vendors

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