PATA Nepal Chapter supports “Doctors for You” to stay in Nepal

The dust of rubbles created by the quake of April 25 had not settled another powerful quake of 7.4 moment magnitude hit Central Nepal yesterday. Despite all adversities, the hope of Rebuilding Nepal remains intact and Explore Himalaya in collaboration with PATA Nepal Chapter continues to serve the quake affected communities in every possible ways.

"Doctors for You" and PATA Nepal Chapter set up a health campaign in Nuwakot
“Doctors for You” and PATA Nepal Chapter set up a health campaign in Nuwakot

“Doctors for You”  an Indian Humanitarian Organization dedicated in offering medical expertise in disaster hit zones has started its activities in quake affected regions of Nepal in collaboration with PATA Nepal Chapter. The team of doctors supported by local medical professionals is now conducting the Medical Campaign in Nuwakot, one of the most quake-affected regions.

Dr. Mridul Deka, a prominent member of “Doctors for You” organization recently working in the quake affected regions of Nepal says something about the campaign.

Dr. Mridul Deka from "Doctors for You"
Dr. Mridul Deka from “Doctors for You”

About the “Doctors for You” Campaign in Nepal

We have always been working in disaster prone areas. We began our volunteering campaign after Koshi Flood in Bihar in 2007. We also served humanity during Kashmir Floods, Uttarakhand flat floods and Assam Ethnic violence. Earthquake is a different thing but it displaces people in mass, creates panicking situation all over. Since this is our first international campaign, we are here to help people. We arrived to Nepal on 27 April and were having problems in getting the permission. However, PATA Nepal Chapter stepped in and helped us throughout all the procedures. We are very much thankful to PATA Nepal Chapter and Mr. Suman Pandey (the Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter) who understood we had the same goal of helping people during this crisis.

Plans of “Doctors for You” in Nepal

We do not have short-term plans and we are planning to be here for at least for 3-6 months. We are focusing in maternal child health after the disaster. We will be working on the needs of women, children and the trauma they have faced. For the next six months, when the media attention is not there we want to be here with them. We want to help on victims’ nutrition plans and reproductive needs. We are planning to recruit local team and go forward to give them some preparedness and resilience to face the disaster that might hit anytime.

Collaboration with PATA Nepal Chapter

Disaster response is an initial thing and later part involves building the capacity of the people in the community. All this will come into play once the initial stage is handled properly. We would like to have longer collaboration with PATA and see through all the process until the community, we look after becomes normal, get rid of the mental trauma and start to prosper once again.

On Tourism Industry of Nepal

While we were working in Uttarakhanda after the floods, people had apprehensive perception about the tourism industry. However, Tourism Industry was not affected and the same volume of tourists came to the state the very next season. Once the crisis is over and Nepal gets normal, the tourism industry will once again flourish because it is a beautiful destination to be.

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