Panauti – A Newari Heritage Town

Panauti , an ancient Newari town  located 32km away from Kathmandu is one of Nepal's  principal cultural heritage sites. The small town which is located at the confluence of Roshi khola (river) and Pungamati khola, has some of the oldest temples in Nepal. Panauti's pride,  Indreshwor Temple, built in 1294 AD is one of the oldest temples in Nepal. It is also  the largest pagoda style temple in Nepal.  Durbar Square located in the town center is another major attraction of the town. Panauti  is famous for its rich Newari culture, festivals and exquisite woodcarving. The Panauti Jatra, a three-day chariot festival celebrated every year at the end of monsoon and  the Makar Mela held every 12 years at the confluence of Roshi and Pungamati rivers are the two major festivals observed in Panauti.  Apart from the ancient shrines and festivals, the ancient town is also famous for the Harisiddhi Dance– the oldest traditional dance form in Nepal. This dance was initiated about 2,400 years ago by King Vikramaditya. The dancers while performing the dance are believed to be in direct communion with  the gods and spirits.

Indreshwor Temple

Indreshwor Temple – Panauti


Excellent woodcarving – At Indreshwor Temple


Facade of a local housein Panauti

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