Single Track Mountain Biking Adventure

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Single Track Mountain Biking Adventure

This is real Mountain biking exploration, we know that only three mountain bikes have visited Tumlingtar and we have sent them there. For the first three days of this trip, we have no backup vehicles, so when we can’t ride we carry the bikes. We fly into Tumlingtar and spend the first day getting the bikes put together after the flight. The next day we explore Tumlingtar and the surrounding villages all on the bike, since there are a lot of really nice single tracks here.

Then on the third day the real adventure begins we make our way along Arun River down to Kewabesi where we meet our support staff and from here on we camp. The rest of the trip is on a series of hard uphill climbs, and trilling downhill rides, but we can now hitch a ride with our support vehicles when the going gets too tough.

This tour provides everything that makes a Mountain bike adventure, a lot of single trails, a couple of strait forward but long climbs and last but not least two long thrilling downhill rides on tarmac. We look forward to take you mountain bikers out there in eastern Nepal for some real mountain biking.


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