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This singularly unusual Himalayan trekking journey will take us deep into Budhist Kinnaur, one of Northern India’s least known and most compelling mountain regions. Located oon the IndoTibetan border, Kinnaur, Land of the Gods, is perhaps the most fascinating region of the Indian Himalayas. Set with the Western Himalaya, it boasts some of the highest mountains in Himalchal Pradesh. This is the only area in the World where Budhist worship has gone on completely uninterrupted, and Kinnaur has never been subject to outside invasion. Being restricted to all untill 1993, it has the mystique of a forbidden kingdom and an aura of the unknown. Nature’s work here is awe-inspiring . Bisecting the Kinnaur valley is the foaming Satluj River, which rises near Mount Kailash in Tibet, passes through spectacular gorges carved by its strong currents. You will be provided with many opportunities to learn about Tibetan Buddhist and the history of the people in this fascinating and untouched region.


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