Kathmandu-Chitwan-Bandipur-Pokhara-12 days

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Nepal is best known for Everest and the incomparable Himalaya Range. It also has rugged valleys that connect the snow-capped giants from the north with the tropical jungles in the south. As it slowly shuffles into the modern era, this small, deeply spiritual enclave, still grabs on tightly to its’ colorful, ancient history while showing off its natural grandeur with a tremendous variety of eco-systems and native languages that are found everywhere you look. Nepal is a photographers dream come true. It has the natural beauty, it has ancient traditions and it has friendly people who are not camera-shy, nor camera-weary like other places. Our experience has been nothing short of ecstasy as we walk anywhere making photos of anything we like and no one really cares as they go about their business. Most Nepalis are as interested in you as you may be in them and they are not bothered if you want to take their photo, as long as you politely ask first. We are limiting this tour to 10 people so everyone has ample time to learn and get personal tips and instruction from Sergio as we go from one exotic location to another. We highly suggest you book immediately so you have a spot for an upcoming unforgettable photo journey into the heart of Nepal.


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