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Nestling in the heart of the Himalayas and protected by a complex geography of high mountains and deep valleys, Bhutan is rated as one of the ‘top ten global hot spots’ of the world. The intriguing yet profound tale of the transformation of this traditional kingdom, without losing out on its traditional norms and values while embarking on a modern course of development in the last half a century has been both a story of sustainable and progressive development in harmony with its natural environment.

Today, the proportion of land under forest cover is 72.5%, including shrub forest. An estimated 770 species of birds inhabit the unspoiled forests. The habitat of the avifauna is the spectacular epiphytic orchids, lichens ferns and mosses. It also harbors some of the most exotic species flora of the Eastern Himalayas with over 50 species of rhododendron along with an amazing variety of medicinal plants and magnolias. The valleys and even the roadside verges are home to colourful herbaceous perennials from mauve primulas to blue poppies and sweet smelling shrubs. You can expect 400 species if your trip is conducted in Spring and about 300 species during other times. The entire country is bisected by a well maintained paved road, permitting relatively easy access to habitats from 150 to 3,750m.

Unlike many parts of Asia, one is not obliged to seek out a park or reserve or remnant patch of ‘good looking’ habitat, since any stop, even in the midst farmland, exciting birds are visible. The itinerary begins in Western Bhutan in the valley of Paro and is a perfect blend of faunal, floral and cultural diversity of this Himalayan Wonderland. This photo tour has been designed to show you some of the best places for birdlife, wildlife, and culture.

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