Adrenaline Fueled Trip to Darjeeling, Sikkim and Kalimpong

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For the ardent adventure traveler, this tour is an absolute treat to embrace the essence of Himalayan range of India. From sightseeing to cultural explorations you get as many varieties of travel activities as you would like. After unboarding a flight at Baghdogra airport, the scenic drive continues towards Darjeeling, Sikkim and then Kalimpong with panoromic himalayan horizon set as pictureque backdrop. Rich natural environment and intricate cultural tapestry follows you throughout the journey. Characterized as major producer of aromatic tea in India, Darjeeling besides its rekonowned Himalayan Railway and Batasia loop has several other travel destinations. Journeying towards Sikkim, its unique traditions and heritage continue to permeate and enrich your travel experience. With fondest memories of Show Hall, Saramsa Garden and Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden, tour progresses towards Kalimpong, a dotted place to produce 80% of India’s gladioli. Welcoming people, unique culture and incomparable cuisine makes Kalimpong one of the great travel destinations. You can not help feeling a sense of awe on encountering a mosaic of people, arts and cultural diversity at each of your destination.



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