One day in Kathmandu – what you choose to do?

Every new place you visit, it is somehow unknown to you despite hearing many things about that place. However, they say, “Nobody knows a place completely”. One full day in or around Kathmandu– What you can see, what you can do or where can you go? Depending on your preference, Kathmandu caters medieval cultural treasures and magnificence of the nature.

one in kathmandu- the best of cultural and natural amazements

For those people who want to explore culture, Kathmandu Valley comprises three beautifully architected medieval towns i.e. Bhaktapur, Patan and Kathmandu itself. Housing seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in close distance, the valley has the densest concentration of historic monuments, shrines and palace squares.

A day is not enough to explore all the scattered sites of Kathmandu but a traveler can spend a whole day in one site exploring the cultural wonders within it. The quake 2015 has made some significant impact but every UNESCO World Heritage Site inside Kathmandu still boast on incredible cultural delights that were built during the intense Art War during the different centuries.

one in kathmandu- the best of cultural and natural amazements

The melting point of Buddhism and Hinduism, Kathmandu caters the equal limits of both religions in different sites of the valley. Moreover, the culture of the natives of Kathmandu, which is colorfully vibrant and loud, is the one important aspect that every traveler in Kathmandu would like experience. The good news is that Kathmandu and the Kathmanduese celebrate more than often. During the tour in Kathmandu, every traveler fond of new culture wills to extend the time to explore the city, which is full of life.

While exploring the backstreets of Kathmandu the simple yet meaningful lifestyle of the people of Kathmandu, which spills over the busy streets of the town, allows travelers to understand the depth of resilience of Nepalese.

one in kathmandu- the best of cultural and natural amazements

Talking about around Kathmandu, the hills that ring this historic valley are full of wonderful natural brilliance. Hiking along the ridgeline trails on the hilltops is great encounters with rural culture and lifestyle. The Himalayan panorama blended so well with the lush green and terraced paddy fields is the view that is not seen everywhere.

The sunrise view from the hilltops like Nagarkot is so beautiful that watching the new sun emerging slowly behind the lofty Himalayan peaks in the horizon would leave you mesmerized.

One day in Kathmandu is the exploration of medieval cultural treasures and magnificence of the nature, if traveler knows how to manage the day

Moreover, the hills around Kathmandu also hold rich wildlife and the tremendous opportunities for pedaling adventure. The Shivapuri Conservation Area Project, Phulchowki Hills and Taudaha are great birding destinations around Kathmandu. One day to go for a biking adventure to the hills around Kathmandu caters travelers to experience the mild pedaling adventure in the rugged terrains of Nepalese mid-hills.

one in kathmandu- the best of cultural and natural amazements

One day in Kathmandu is never enough for the insightful tour of the valley but a day in Kathmandu gives you the clear picture of this wonderful valley if you explore it balancing its cultural and natural highlights.


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