On Learning Life’s Lessons in Nepal

Eva-Maria Hellinge, a university student from Bonn, Germany joined Explore Himalaya as an intern for five months, at the Sales& Marketing Department. On the eve of her departure, she writes about her days at Explore Himalaya, about new bonds and friendships and about learning life’s lessons in Nepal.


“Two days before boarding my plane back to Germany, I look back to five months in Nepal, five months within a foreign culture, five months at Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure – Five months of unforgettable experiences & memories.

My internship at Explore Himalaya started in March 2010. I had the opportunity to attend the ITB in Berlin with the company at the Asian Connections booth, the marketing alliance Explore Himalaya is a member of. Here I met my new boss Mr Suman Pandey as well as one of my new colleague for the first time. Not only was I able to experience the fair out of the exhibitor’s perspective but also tasted Nepali food, which made me look forward even more to Kathmandu.


Eva with Marketing Manager, Prabhakar Khadka – ITB, Berlin

Working in the Sales & Marketing department at Explore Himalaya, my new colleagues made it easy for me to quickly feel comfortable within the new environment, whereby I was able to enjoy my internship and work to the fullest – even the 6-days working week was hence easy to handle. I felt included in the company – just like a member of Explore Himalaya’s Sales & Marketing staff. And latest after having learned how to eat my Dhal Bhaat with hands properly and after attending a Nepali wedding, dancing in my Sari with the whole wedding community, I even felt like a Nepali.

Nepal rewarded me with more than just the improvement of my skills within the Tourism industry – living within a welcoming & friendly culture like this teaches you life lessons: Lessons about friendship, beauty and life’s destinies, about religion and the importance of family & traditions. One of the things I have learned and recognized is that I complain less which actually makes life easier and puts a smile on my face – Nepal puts a smile on my face.
Eva & Sales Staff

Eva with Sales & Marketing Team

Now, 2 days before boarding my plane back to Germany, are also 2 days before boarding a plane away from great friends, wonderful experiences, and away from a chapter in my life, I am happy I was able to start writing about during the past months. This chapter is filled with unforgettable days of unique memories going along with the smiles of new friends and helpful people Dhannyabad for everything! Leaving Nepal will not be easy and you will be missed. However, Nepal has surely not seen me for the last time and hence I am not ready to close this chapter yet. I decided to just stop writing for the moment: “Five Months in Nepal – to be continued…””

Eva-Maria Hellinge

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