Nuwakot- Nepal’s best kept secret


Nuwakot - Nepal's best kept secret

Nuwakot, an amazing district flanking the capital valley Kathmandu is Nepal’s one of the best kept secrets. Easy access with very few tourist class hotels & restaurants, Nuwakot is an emerging destination for travelers.

View of Nuwakot and Nuwakot Durbar

Why Nuwakot is Nepal’s one of the best kept secrets & what exactly does Nuwakot offer for travelers?

First of all, Nuwakot has huge historic significance. It was from Nuwakot King Prithivi Narayan Shah conquered Kathmandu Valley. While doing so, Nuwakot palace square was established on a hilltop, which now has become the center of attraction for tourists visiting to Nuwakot. Though the massive quake of 2015 badly hit the palace square locals have initiated campaigns to restore the historic and cultural significance of this landmark.

Ox fighting in Taruka of Nuwakot

Nuwakot is also the hub that enthusiastically practices medieval time cultures. Sindure Jatra, the unique festival celebrated at Nuwakot Durbar Square is probably one of the most fascinating celebrations across Nepal. Bull Fighting in villages like Taruka & Betrawati is entertaining festival that takes place only in Nuwakot District. The district also hosts annual Rice Plantation Celebration in different villages to entertain as much as travelers from neighboring districts like Kathmandu. Nuwakot is also a replica of Kathmandu that celebrates almost all jatras of Kathmandu Valley with equal degree of energy. Gai jatra & Indra Jatra are perfect examples. Like of Kathmandu, Nuwakot also practices the culture of worshipping its own Living Goddess, Kumari.

People of Nuwakot

Talking about tribal cultures, Nuwakot is a mini-Nepal with Nepal. The cultures of many tribes and clans can be observed in Nuwakot district. Tamangs, Newars, Magars, Chettris & Brahmins and Dalits among others live in this district showcasing their own unique culture & lifestyles.

People of Nuwakot

Since the district lies in a very close proximity to Langtang Himalayan Range, it is also the vantage point that caters incredible Himalayan vistas blended well with lush vegetation & raging Himalayan Rivers. Last but not the least, Nuwakot as a district also has huge potential in catering adventurous activities like mountain biking & motorcycle tours. Rugged terrains in the remote parts of the district are ideal for such activities.

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