Nepal tourism: 4 must visit wildlife parks in Nepal.


Nepal is rapidly becoming a chief tourist destination. It is a fantastic blend of temples, nature, culture and wildlife. Most international trip packages are now proposing this destination to nature & wildlife aficionados. Despite of being a small landlocked country, it by no means fails to compel first-time visitors return one more time. After you have tripped through the temples and visited the lakes, you must set aside some time to visit some celebrated national parks.

Nepal tourism brings before you a blissful experience in these prominent wildlife corners. Here is a look at some of the finest national parks in Nepal:

Royal Chitwan National Park: Ancient wildlife park- Chitwan National Park is the country’s prevalent wildlife delight. Extensively stretched to over 900 sq km, Chitwan National Park is exceptionally admired by the visitors. It is the natural set where you can spot a diverse array of birds and beasts, ranging from the harmless one-horned rhinos to the detrimental crocodiles. From the barking deer to the ‘biting’ tiger, you can gawk and watch at the unspoiled qualities of nature. Mongooses and otters also love to play mess at this place and there is no scarcity of the Gangetic dolphin. Chitwan is one of the major hotspots for ever-growing fame of Nepal tourism from India.


Ghariyal crocodile at Chitwan National Park

 Annapurna Conservation Area: Annapurna is big jungle expanding for over 7,600 sq km. It is an abode to an extensive variety of flora, and is hence a botanist’s heaven. While you can spot almost any kind of plant and flower in here, you are also likely to bang into chirping birds, grazing blue sheep and athletic snow leopards. Butterflies and bees are ubiquitous. And this is one place where birds with poles apart feathers assemble at a place.

Kanchenjunga Conservation Area: One notable craze about Nepal tourism is that it prioritizes grand prominence on protecting its natural gems. So, cases of hunting and other illegal practices are almost to no avail of. Kanchenjunga Conservation Area is another unblemished testimonial to the country’s beautiful flora & fauna. Flowers love to take birth at this park and several mountain animals like the Himalayan goats and leopards are enduring residents of this area.

Sagarmatha National Park: Many international tour packages comprise this park in their itineraries. Apart from playing crowd to countless birds & animals, Sagarmatha National Park is also the home for the mighty Mount Everest. It is also an extremely craggy region nestled in some intimidating mountainous locales.


Botanist’s paradise- Annapurna Conservation Area Park

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