Nepal Earthquake – Status of foreign National victims

Panic in the streets of Tourist hub, Thamel after the quake

As per the latest report provided by Nepal Tourism Board, the number of foreign citizens killed during the catastrophic earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015 has reached 62. The report says 40 out of 62 victims of the quake are Indian nationals. Other foreign travelers who lost their lives during the quake are from China, France, Japan, USA, Australia, Spain, Estonia, Germany and Italy among others.

The report says 51 foreign nationals are wounded and being treated in different hospitals of Kathmandu. According to the reports filed at the Office of Tourist Police of Kathmandu, 112 foreign travelers are reported missing. According to the sources at Tourist Police Nepal, 40 foreign nationals are reported missing in Langtang Region. Likewise, 11 in Araniko Highway, 7 in Everest Region, 2 in Kathmandu, 12 in Manaslu Region and 4 in Annapurna Region are reported missing. The status of 36 foreign travelers is still unknown. The latest report of Nepal Tourism Board says, 13 foreign nationals reported missing have been successfully rescued from different parts of the country.

The devastating quake has already claimed the lives of more than 7500 people and the sources say the toll could rise up to 10000.

Note: If you want to know the status of your acquaintance who has not contacted you after the quake, please feel free to inform us. We will try our level best to find his/her whereabouts.


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