Nepal Earthquake 2015

11: 56 AM, April 25 2015, the devastating Himalayan Earthquake of 7.9-moment magnitude that epicentered Barpak of Gorkha District has created a state of emergency in Nepal. The quake ceased more than 7000 lives and left twice as many injured. The death toll could go beyond 10,000. One hundred and fifty thousand houses including the monuments inside UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu have fallen to the grounds. Millions of Nepalese are compelled to take shelter under the tents and the saddest part is that several mid-hill villages of central Nepal are now the ghost towns.

The quake also triggered avalanche at Everest Region, which claimed the lives of 19 climbers and another dreadful avalanche influenced by the quake at Langtang Region swept away 250 people, who are still reported missing.

Bygones are bygones; however, to observe Nepal and Nepalese becoming normal once again has been a painful experience. The quake has collapsed Nepal. Moments after the quake, fear dominated the hearts of survivors. Now their eyes reflect immense pain of losing their closed ones, their homes and their properties. Most of the Nepalese in the villages of Central Nepal are eagerly waiting for the aid that would support them initially to rebuild their lives.

Explore Himalaya collaborated with PATA Nepal Chapter to support the earthquake victims. We have put our 100% efforts to support the victims of every region. Here we have covered an exemplary photo story on Samari, a small mid-hill village north-west of Kathmandu, which was totally destructed during the earthquake.

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