Nepal as Travel Destination – smiles of locals make a difference

Nepalese Hospitality

“Nepal as travel destination is definitely for travelers. If you expect challenges while traveling, if you are ready to immerse into cultural authenticity or if you really desire your heart to beat in the fastest pace possible- Nepal is the destination.”

“An encounter with beautiful unexpected experiences is Nepal’s specialty. Himalayas & Buddha are the prime identities of Nepal among potential travelers across the world. However, the most important aspect that every traveler values while making a travel decision is the native people of the travel destination.”

Nepalese Hospitality

If someone is talking about the people of Nepal, they should have wonderful experience with Nepalese. Known for their bravery, kindness, hospitality and resilience, the people of Nepal are amazing. No matter what tribe they belong to or kind of lifestyle they enjoy, Nepalese are probably the most likable people across the world.

Travelers who have visited the Nepal frequently speak about Nepalese hospitality. The friendly and welcoming smiles of Nepalese have touched many people’s heart. Serving their guests with the best food & accommodation possible has been the culture since the starting of civilization in Nepal. (Atithi Devo Bhava) is a Sanskrit verse which simply means, Guests are Equivalent to gods. This code of conduct has been adapted by the Hindu civilization, and also has been a part of our Nepalese culture.

Nepalese Hospitality

“During the 2015 mega earthquake a British reporter shared a story on social sites, which got viral. A British journalist was reporting on the current situation of Bhaktapur city. He came across an old lady who was around her 70s. He started asking about her current situation. The lady replied, “Everything is destroyed, my house, my furniture and my elder son got badly injured”. Then out of nowhere during the conversation the old lady asked the reporter, if he was thirsty or hungry, if he needed anything. He was overwhelmed by her generosity and the level of hospitality that a broken Nepalese could show. This is a prime example of hospitable nature and the level of Nepalese mentality towards their guests.”

Nepalese Hospitality

Nepalese are a very proud group of people. The culture, tradition and history of Nepalese play an important role in our day to day lives. Travelers can expect something extraordinary out of a very simple Nepalese because when it comes to serve the guest Nepalese hearts are big enough to satisfy them with the limited resources they own.

Nepalese Hospitality


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