The First Man to Step on Mt.Everest this Season – Namgyal Sherpa & His testimony

“My name is Namgyal Sherpa and I am from Khotang. I work with Explore Himalaya and I climbed Everest with the team Project Himalaya as their climbing climbing sherpa. Though I have summitted thrice from the Tibet side, this was the first time I climbed Everest from Nepal side. I feel very happy to have succeeded.

Credit: Jaimie McGuiness – 2007
CV of Namgyal here 
As I was the climbing Sherpa of the group, I became a part of the 11 member Sherpa team chosen to fix ropes and open trails up to the summit. On the 20th May we worked up our way to 8,500m but then some of the other Sherpas began to give up and turn back saying that the wind was too strong and the weather was worsening. But I had to open the trail up to the summit because our clients were to summit the next day. I couldn’t just give up and leave. I reached the summit at 3:26 pm (Local time). Namgya Sherpa , from Arun treks came a minute after me at 3:27. I have the video clip of him coming after me at the summit.

At the base camp, I heard and read about how Namgya’s name was falsely reported in the Nepali media, as the first person to summit Everest this season. I think the media should get their facts right before flashing their reports. I talked with the liaison officers there, at the Base camp, about the false reports doing the rounds. I told them since they were the government’s representative it is their duty to report what’s really going on at the summit. They assured me that they would talk with Namgya and set things right.”
– Namgyal’s testimony was recorded in Nepali and translated to English

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