Mr. Suman Pandey Elected Vice Chairman of PATA International HQ

Kathmandu, Nepal – June 7th, 2024 – It’s a news of pride to the Nepalese Tourism Industry that Mr. Suman Bikram Pandey, Chairman of Explore Himalaya Group, a seasoned tourism professional, has been elected as the Vice Chairman of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) International HQ for the term 2024-2026. His election came after his opponent, Gerald Perez from American Guam, withdrew his nomination. The election results, forwarded by the five-member supervisory board of PATA, was endorsed virtually by the PATA AGM held today.

Mr. Pandey brings a wealth of experience to this esteemed position. His extensive involvement in the tourism sector spans trekking, mountaineering, hotels, airlines, helicopters, and food and beverage. He is a respected industry leader, having held various key positions such as Chairman, Secretary, and other significant roles in numerous esteemed organizations.

His notable positions include:

– Former Chairman of the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN)

– Former Secretary of the Airlines Operators Association of Nepal

– Former Chairman of the PATA Nepal Chapter

– Former Executive Board Member of the Nepal Tourism Board

– Executive Board Member of Nepal Tourism Year 2011

Mr. Pandey has shown exceptional leadership throughout his career. Prior to this term, he served as the Secretary/Treasurer of PATA HQ for two terms from 2020 to 2024. This marks Nepal’s first representation in such a prestigious international organization, PATA, which is recognized as the largest tourism association globally. Mr. Pandey’s election to the Vice Chairmanship is significant in this context.

Founded in 1951 in the United States, PATA has been headquartered in Bangkok since 1998. Nepal has been a member of PATA since 1975. This organization has consistently brought the Nepalese tourism industry into the international spotlight, providing support in marketing, development work, crisis management, event management, and addressing various issues faced by the tourism industry in Nepal. PATA was instrumental in drafting the first tourism development plan for Pokhara in 1976 and played a crucial role in crisis management and tourism recovery following the devastating earthquake in 2015.

The following Executive Committee of PATA has been endorsed by the AGM:

1. Peter Semone ( Destination Human Capital ,Timor Leste/Indonesia)- Chairman 

2. Suman Pandey ( Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure,Nepal )- Vice Chairman

3. Luzi Matzig ( Asian Trails Group,Thailand) – Secretary

4. Ben Montgomery ( Centara Hotels and Resort ,Thailand )- Member

5. Sanjeet Jain (DDP Publications ,India) – Member

6. Henry Oh ( Global Tour Ltd, Korea )- Member

7. Mayur Patel ( OAG Aviation, Singapore)- Member


8.Noredah Othman (Sabah Tourism Bureau, Malaysia)- Member 


9. Gerald Perez ( Guam Visitors Bureau ,Guam)-Member

will continue as members from the government category, elected last year.

Mr. Pandey has been an active participant in the Nepalese tourism industry for over 35 years, making significant contributions as both a businessman and an activist. He has been involved in numerous noble events and policy formations for the tourism sector in Nepal. Notably, he was the mastermind behind the historic Everest cabinet meeting in 2009, overseeing planning and operations. Additionally, he introduced skydiving in Nepal and significantly advanced high-altitude helicopter operations during his tenure as an airline operator and Secretary of the Airlines Operators Association of Nepal. The first Himalayan Travel Mart in 2017 was initiated by Mr. Pandey when he was serving as the Chairman of the PATA Nepal Chapter.

Mr. Pandey was also the main initiator of the PATA Annual Summit and Adventure Mart 2023, a global tourism platform that brought together esteemed global intellectuals, important industry personalities, and high-ranking officials from the public and private sectors to Pokhara, Nepal. This conference provided a forum for deliberating on topical issues and exploring prospective possibilities for encouraging the establishment of a responsible and long-lasting travel and tourism sector in the Asia Pacific area. Concurrently with this event, the PATA Executive Board and PATA Board Meeting were also held.

About PATA

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is a not-for-profit association that acts as a catalyst for the responsible development of travel and tourism to, from, and within the Asia Pacific region. Founded in 1951, PATA provides aligned advocacy, insightful research, and innovative events to its member organizations.

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