Most Popular urban destinations in Nepal of Traveler’s interest

Nepal always has been one of the best trekking and mountaineering destinations in the world since it opened its door for tourism in the late fifties. Recently National Geographic selected Nepal as one of must see places in the world. In the courtesy of its nature and lavish beauty, the country is filled with history and culture with its own authenticity. Despite being sandwiched between two great nations China and India, Nepal is a world with in itself carrying its own unique identity. The Himalayan Nation has more in store with itself. Along with the great Himalayas, Nepal offers a mix of Cultural ethnicity, Art, architecture and lavish greenery where one can get in touch with Nepalese history and the nature.

Here we have the most Popular urban destinations in Nepal of Traveler’s interest

most popular cities of nepal


One of the oldest cities in the country, Kathmandu valley is a tourism hub of Nepal. Eighty percent of the tourists enter Nepal via Kathmandu. The history of the city dates back between 167 BC and 1 AD according to great scholars. Throughout the ancient times, different rulers of different dynasties like Kirat, Licchavi, Malla and Shah have ruled the valley. Patan, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu are the great ancient cities of the ancient Kathmandu valley where trade, culture, art and architecture flourished since the ancient time. Still there are many historical monuments which represent Nepalese culture and the harmony between two great religions Hinduism and Buddhism. The three durbars square in the valley are a great example of the presence of both religion and their influence in people’s life. The Valley is also the home of the seven UNESCO world heritage sites like Kathmandu Durbar square, Bhaktapur Durbar square, Patan Durbar square, Pashupatinath, Swyambunath, Boudhanath and Changunarayan. Anyone planning their next trip to Nepal, sightseeing around Kathmandu valley will be an awesome way to get in touch of unique history of the country that defines country’s civilization of different eras.



Located in the heart of Nepal, Pokhara valley is truly a great city. It is also a second largest valley of the country. Spectacular view of the Annapurna range gives a city a unique touch. The valley is also the home of many lakes and cave networks. Some of the must visit destinations are Phewa Lake , Begnas Lake Mahendra Cave , Bat Cave Davis Fall, Sarangkot and Peace pagoda. Despite caves, lakes and mountains Pokhara is also an adventure hub of Nepal. Many extreme sports activities like Paragliding, Ultra light flying, Zip line, Bungee jumping and Skydiving are the major highlights of the tourism valley.

most popular cities of nepal


Located in the lower plains of Terai region of Nepal, Chitwan is the fifth largest city if the country. Known for its cultural diversity and lavish green forest the city is home to Chitwan National Park (the first Natural UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nepal) and the native Tharu people. Chitwan National Park is the major highlight of Chitwan. The park is home to 300 of the endangered Asian one-horned Rhinos and houses one of the largest populations of rare Royal Bengal Tiger. Besides Rhino and Tiger, Chitwan also support a great variety of flora and fauna. There are four species of Deer, the Spotted Chittal, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Wild Dog, Small Wild Cats, the white stockinged Gaur (world’s largest wild cattle) and many other smaller animals inside the park. Overall there are 700 species of wildlife and a not yet fully surveyed. For anyone seeking jungle adventure, Chitwan can be a great destination for them.



Lumbini is one of the well-known tourism destinations in the country. Located in Rupendehi District Lumbini is the place where Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam around 563 BC. Siddhartha later on achieved Enlightenment around 528 BC and founded the pillars of Buddhism and later on became Gautam Buddha. Lumbini is one of the important pilgrims sites for the Buddhists all over the world and houses several temples including Mayadevi temple and several other monasteries constructed by the countries all over the world. The city is also an important place to observe the cultural diversity of the natives. Lumbini is one of the must see destinations in Nepal.



Dharan is the major city located in the eastern Nepal, Sunsari District. The city is located on the situated on the foothills of the Mahabharat Range in the north with its southern tip touching the edge of the Terai region. The city has its lond history which dates back to 600 AD where Kings of Limbwan Ruled the city.The city use to be the trading place between terai and hilly region of the country. Majority of people are Rai, Limbu, Newar ,Gurung, Tamang, Sunuwar. The city is also home to many British Gurkha soldier and is also known as the land of the braves. Dharan is ethnically diverse city. Different castes, creeds, ethnic groups and their traditional cultures and life-styles too add to Dharan’s importance as the tourist center. Lakhe naach and Gai jatra of Newar people, Dhan naach of Limbus, Chandi naach of Rai people, Selo of Tamangs, Rodighar of Gurungs, Baalan and Sangini of Brahmin and Chhetris are other attractions of Dharan.


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