Marriage in Nepal- unorthodox style for westerners to celebrate the biggest day of their lives

marriage in nepal

Mr. Amar prays with Shane and Maryann during the wedding at Boudhanath

Fifteen years of selfless intimacy reflects deep affectionate, dedicated care for each other’s preferences, motivating appreciation, high level of wisdom and the most importantly the unbreakable bonding of two souls into one. Explore Himalaya recently had an opportunity to unite two beautiful souls into one. Ms. Maryann Higginson & Mr. Shane Kreutzer from Australia had a wonderful marriage in Nepal, as per Buddhist culture.

Maryann and Shane had known each other for the last fifteen years. They always had plans to make their marriage a special one. As the couple booked a trek with us, they asked if we could execute the Marriage for them as per Buddhist culture, we said “Absolutely Yes”. As there is always a huge gap between what we claim and what we execute, we worked out in every area where we can minimize the gap. We practice personal approach while handling every guest here in Explore Himalaya. We also knew Maryann and Shane needed additional care. We wanted to make the most special day of their lives, the most beautiful day as well.

marriage in nepal

Shane awaits for Maryann- the love of his life

On 20 November 2014, Maryann and Shane got married at Boudhanath. Explore Himalayans witnessed the biggest day of their lives. We helped them throughout their marriage in Nepal, culturally, socially, religiously and legally. After the marriage the newly wedded couple had few beautiful sentences for Explore Himalaya.

Here it goes.

We have far too many to say. Our trek was amazing everyday with the best guide and porter you could ask for. We were spoilt. Our time in Chitwan and Pokhara was also wonderful. Elephant ride is something to remember forever.

Our wedding day and the preparations made by the fabulous staffs of Explore Himalaya will forever be in our memory. They made our special day amazing. Amar is now our friend and we cannot thank him enough for his efforts.

The services of Explore Himalaya were amazing. The meeting and handling was excellent. Guides during trek and tour were amazing and we would highly recommend them to our friends and family. Transportation was good, reliable and always on time. We felt secured knowing that we had transportation awaiting us when required. And the office staffs had friendly faces, smiles and amazingly helping attitude on our wedding day above and beyond.

We highly recommend Explore Himalaya if you want to have a well organized holiday. We tailored our trip with the fantastic assistance of the staff and nothing was too hard for them.  To throw in our wedding in Buddhist culture, which created a lot of extra work didn’t seem to be a problem even though we know how hard it was to prepare. We had a trip of lifetime.

We will never be able to thank you enough for everything. Keep that personalized touch to your great packages. We can’t wait to visit everyone when we return someday. Thank you so much Explore Himalaya.

marriage in nepal

The religious ceremony begins

marriage in nepal

Monk solemnizes their marriage

marriage in nepal

Kisan plays the role of family member

marriage in nepal

Maryann and Shane promise each other to remain together rest of their lives

marriage in nepal

Maryann and Shane seek the blessings from Buddha and Amar joins the marrying couple

marriage in nepal

Sarita wishes a newly wedded couple “A happy married life”

Maryann and Shane with their new family, Explore Himalaya

marriage in nepal

Maryann Higginson and Shane Kreutzer- Now we pronounce you husband and wife

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