Mardi Himal 5,555m.


Ahlijanian,Simpson and Rekrut with their guide.

Ahlijanian,Simpson and Rekrut with their guide.

Three American gentlemen, Mr. Ahlijanian Michael Kirk, Mr. Simpson Daniel Scott and Mr.  Rekrut Michael Paul recently summited Mardi Himal 5,555m. After, a sightseeing around the Kathmandu city for a day, they flew to Pokhara the very next day and started their trek to Pittam Deurali right away. On the day 4, of their Nepal visit they already had reached to the Forest Camp. The following day their mission was to trek to Low Camp for the Home-stay. After, the tiring trek on the day 6, they finally made up to Mardi Himal Base Camp 4,100m.

Trial to Mardi Himal.

Trial to Mardi Himal.

They spent a day at the Base Camp acclimatizing and making excursions to the nearby places. On the eighth day they successfully climbed the summit of the Mardi Himal and returned to the Base Camp. They made their ways down towards Kumai Danda, Marsa and Ghachok for their Home-stays on 9th, 10th and 11th days respectively. On the day 12, they drove to Pokhara after the short trek to Mardi pul from Ghachok.



Day 13, they flew to Kathmandu and after 14 days in Nepal they boarded on the plane way back to their homes on September 28.

Fishtail- a close up view.

A close up view of a mountain.

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