Nepalese Tourism- Major tours we operated in 2015 despite all adversities

In Tourism perspective, Nepal didn’t have a productive year as the entire country suffered the crisis of different types and at different times. Quake, blockade and negative publicity made adverse impact in the Nepalese Tourism. However, bright sides always motivated the tourism professionals and hence many touristic activities those were operated after the quake and during the blockade spread positive messages globally and locally.

looking back to 2015

During the quake time, we were operating Everest Expedition for a Kenyan Climber Steve Obayyi. Quake triggered massive avalanche in Everest Region and instantly the Expedition for two consecutive year was cancelled. However, after contributing months in serving the quake survivors, we once again focused on our job and at the end of the year we have significant tours operated that still boosts us to continue promoting destination Nepal among the travelers across the world.

Have a look at six major operations we undertook and accomplished successfully in 2015.

Riding across Asia to promote Nepal- Globe Riders Journey

Carrying a slogan, “Nepal Back on Top of the World” six riders from Globe Riders rode across seven countries of South East Asia and South Asia. The motorcycle journey that was led by Helge Pedersen covered more than 10000km in 75 days. The trip that was planned long time ago was finally operated on the crisis year, what could be a better time for the trip?

Globe Riders South Asia Journey 2015

Globe Riders South Asia Journey 2015

Capturing diverse culture, people & lifestyle- Nathan Horton Photography Tour

Globally printed Cambodia based professional Photographer; Nathan Horton leads photography tours in Nepal twice a year. Because of the quake on April 25, the Spring Tour was cancelled. However, Nathan Horton Photography Tour in Nepal on autumn was operated with five other photographers.

Nathan Horton Nepal Photography Tour

Nathan Horton Nepal Photography Tour

Giving Nepalese from rural Nepal better vision-  Danish philanthropists from Kipling Travel

After the devastating earthquake in April 2015, the team of six Danish Opticians and 2 nurses visited Nepal this November for a Nobel cause. With the motto “Helping Nepalese see the world better”, the Danish team arrived to Nepal with around 3500 pair of glasses. The event was conducted in Russuwa and Nuwakot districts of Nepal. After 7 long days the Danish team and the ground support team of Explore Himalaya Travel and adventure were able to check 2735 people and give of pair of glasses to those who needed them. Overall, the event was a great success and was a major highlight of 2015.

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015

Free Eye Camp Nepal 2015

Elite Adventure on the top of the world- Everest skydive

The legacy of world’s highest adventure “Everest Skydive” continued in 2015 with great energy and enthusiasm. ESD is for sure an extreme adrenaline rush for those adventure seekers who wish to jump from the world highest skydiving point overlooking the mighty Everest alongside the great Himalayan Range. Despite the recent earthquake and border blockade, Explore Himalaya and the Skydiving team successfully conducted the event.

Everest Skydive 2015

Everest Skydive 2015


Greatest Aerial Adventure in Pokhara –Pokhara skydive

The skydiving event continued in Pokhara as well after the successful completion of ESD. Despite the domestic disturbance in the country, both skydiving crew and the ground support team of Explore Himalaya Travel and Adventure successfully conducted the event. The experience of overlooking the Mighty Annapurna while freely falling from the sky is defiantly, a defining moment in one’s life for sure. PSD was one of the major events conducted by EHTA in 2015.

pokhara skydive 2015

pokhara skydive 2015

Fun blended with charity- Different Travel Tours

During autumn 2015, from the UK based agent Different Travel, we operated tours for two groups. Both groups undertook Poonhill Ghorepani Trek and at the end of the trip, they were involved in volunteering works at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, where they donated petty amounts & their labor in gardening, painting and cleaning the areas around the hospital.

Different Travel UK

Different Travel UK

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