Lesser known facets of Nepal

Big things come in small packages and yes, the small landlocked country tucked between two giants China and India, Nepal genuinely caters the biggest holiday opportunities. Considering the modern day trend of travel and tourism, Nepal has something for everyone. From the highest altitude, skydiving in the world to soft cultural tours – Nepal has all.


lesser known aspects of Nepal

The world knows Nepal as the hub of Himalayan Adventure and besides Himalayas Nepal also caters so many wonderful facets that have enough attractions to leave travelers mesmerized. In today’s post, we have included the lesser known facets of Nepal in travel and tourism aspect.


Nepal celebrates more festivals than the number of days in the calendar. Surprised but reality is even more surprising. Each festival celebrated in Nepal is completely different to another; however, the vibrancy of each festival is no way lesser to other. Be it the festivals of colors-Holi or be it the festival of lights Tihar; each festival celebrated in Nepal enjoys immense respect for their countless deities and entire surroundings gets the festive aroma with music, people and a lot of energy. Tours or treks in Nepal during the festival is a different experience, which is fascinatingly exceptional than the normal times.

festivals of Nepal


Nepal is the known hub for trekking and peak climbing adventures. However, many may not be familiar with the extreme aerial, water and wildlife adventures Nepal caters. The country that hosts the highest altitude skydiving in the world also caters the adventures like bungee jumping, ultra-light flights, paragliding, zip flying and mountain flights. The country with more than 6000 rivers and rivulets also offers diverse liquid adventures like white water rafting, cannoning and kayaking. With 39% of woodlands and 14 protected parks, Nepal caters the best wildlife adventures of entire Asia.

adventures in nepal


Despite housing eight 8000ers and so many wonderful landmarks globally known, Nepal still is an underdeveloped country. The urban areas of the country though house all the modern facilities and services, there are plenty of communities in the far-flung villages of the country lacking these services and the public in these communities are still unaware of so many basic knowledge that help them to spend the quality life. Hence, the voluntourism in Nepal is one of the emerging aspects of country’s tourism business. Now after the quakes of 2015, Nepal needs more volunteer tourists to rebuild the communities devastated by the quake and give these communities a new hope to start all over. For the professionals and gap year students Nepal caters abundant opportunities to volunteer, which eventually covers the tour of new destination, incorporates cultural exchange and also makes a positive impact in the communities you volunteer.

voluntourism in nepal


One of the most diverse countries culturally and naturally is Nepal. The altitude variation of the country is 8778m and the country experiences the weathers of all types. The example of harmonious communities, where more than 100 ethnical tribes practice their contrasting lifestyle peacefully, Nepal is unique in itself in all aspects. Photography in Nepal could be an adventure for the camera. Each shot captured in Nepal speaks differently about the country. Nepal has something special for photographers with different photographic interest. Culture, People, History, Wildlife, Adventures, Landscapes and rural lifestyles are the major areas where photographers can feast with their cameras during the tour in Nepal.

photography in nepal


Luxury Tours

Fitting into the budget of many travelers, the destinations of Nepal entertain million travelers in one calendar year. However, Nepal also caters wonderful holiday packages to the high-end clients. The luxury tours in Nepal offer exceptionally luxurious treatments in terms of accommodation, food, travel modes and other services. For example, the Helicopter Tours in Nepal cater wonderful holiday opportunities in the Himalayas. The scenic flights, VIP exploration of the travelled destinations, accommodation in five star hotels and resorts with varieties of services provided and the quality time you spend throughout the tour considering the toughest locations you fly to during these tours makes you feel like the royals.

luxury tours in nepal


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