Langtang Valley Trek becomes possible months after quake devastation

Newly built wooden suspension bridge on Langtang Valley Trek
Newly built wooden suspension bridge on Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Region was one of the most affected areas when 7.9 magnitude earthquake followed by scores of aftershocks struck Central Nepal in early 2015. The famous trekking region in Nepal was then restricted for trekking as the quake triggered numerous landslides making huge adverse impact in the region. However, with the joint effort from locals, tourism authorities and entrepreneurs the region in a very fast pace is on the process of restoration. Recently, a team of Explore Himalaya conducted a Reece Tour on the region.

Kyangjin Gompa
Kyangjin Gompa after the quake

Here we have a brief post quake report on the trail and accommodation facilities of the most famous trekking adventure in Langtang – Langtang Valley Trek

Most of the houses were unaffected in Syabrubesi and those that were affected have already been repaired. At present, all 10 hotels operating in Syabru Besi are in good condition.

The route to Sherpa Gaun from Syabrubesi is safe. Some houses damaged in Khanjima are in the process of rebuilding.  There are 5 hotels each available in Khanjima and Sherpa Gaun.

The trail till Riverside from Sherpa Gaun is almost safe except in some places where the trail is narrowed due to the landslide. On the way to Riverside at Rimche, there is a hotel available with capacity of 10 rooms. At Riverside, there is a hotel that can accommodate 8 people. Another hotel is being prepared in few days.

Getting to Ghoda Tabela from Riverside should be followed through a new route as the old one has been totally damaged by the earthquake. The new route developed as the alternative route is better and safer than the older one.

A small hotel in Thangshep is available for Tea/Coffee. After leaving Thangshep, a hotel in Mundu with 3 rooms is available.

Kyanjin Gompa is safe. There are 5 hotels available in Kyanjin Gompa including Norling Hotel that can accommodate 40 people.

Trail blocked by lanslide on Langtang Valley Trek
Trail blocked by lanslide on Langtang Valley Trek

Therefore, anybody considering Langtang trek but with a question on mind: Is Langtang Trek possible after the earthquake? The answer is simply YES!

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