Interview with Stephen Russell.


mera peak

Mera Peak.

Photo shoot in the Himalayas

Photoshoot in the Himalayas.

The group of different nationals recently summited the Mera Peak 6654m and now they are back in Kathmandu. The group included Stephen Russell from Australia, two British citizens Rhys David and Jonathan David, a Chinese lady Lai Ha Phoebe ,a Dutch Andreas De Haes, a Danish citizen Neils Frederisksen and two French mountaineers Mickael Dumas and Paul Olivier Pavard. The team successfully summited the Mera Peak in the Everest region on November 1, 2012. Stephen Russell (Steve) was overjoyed to be the part of this adventurous trip. Here we have an Interview with Steve regarding his and the entire crew experience during their trek.


Stephen Russell right in the middle with his team.

EH: Welcome back to Explore Himalaya Steve, how was your trip to Mera Peak and how did you feel mountaineering in the great Himalayas?

Steve: It was good. The Himalayas were fantastic. The group was even more exceptional. I have been to Russia and Africa but the Himalayas in Nepal are much more amazing and the best part, the service of the Explore Himalaya was perfect and very much professional.

View at the base camp.
View at the base camp.

EH: Thank you very much Steve, for admiring our service. Steve, how were you feeling before the beginning of this expedition? You should have been very much excited, isn’t it?

Steve: Absolutely, Nepal is the harbor for trekking in the world and I was very much excited. I was always interested to see how I go to such height where I had never been before. I always anticipated for the good weather. I was excited in coping with the high altitude.

Early Morning Summiting.
Early Morning Summiting.

EH: During the expedition did you ever experience any sort of problems? Did you ever wished for something better in the Himalayas?

Steve: Environment was very good. Tea houses were very clean, toilets were faultless, food was fine, beds were comfortable, tents were perfect and the menu was okay. Sometimes the quality of the food varied however, it was okay. In the isolated Himalayas in the middle of nowhere the arrangements were great. I and hopefully the entire group could wish nothing better in such isolated locations.

Rope works to summit.
More fun.

EH: What was the best part you experienced during the entire expedition?

Steve: Summiting, of course! I did the entire trek to summit and summiting was fantastic. However, going up to the valleys, crossing the river and viewing the Mera Peak in the distant was awesome feeling and going through the narrow rifts of the ice was fun. I would say summiting was the best part but the every moment during the trek was absolute adventurous.

Summiting Mera Peak.
Summiting Mera Peak.

EH: And the worst part!

Steve: (Thinks for a while) though the weather was perfect I must say Cold. (Laughs)

Joys on summiting despite of cold.
Joys after summiting despite of extreme cold.

EH: After the Expedition to the Mera Peak, do you wish to summit any other peaks in the Himalayas in the days to come?

Steve: Never say never. I don’t know which peak but obviously during my next trip to Nepal I would like to summit either Gokyo Ri or Annapurna.

Climbing down.
Climbing down.

EH: How do rate the hospitality level of the Nepalese, especially your expedition guides during the trip?

Steve: It was very good to have such helpful guides, porters and cooks. I would rate them very highly as they were always more than happy to help.

Funtime at Himalayas.
Funtime at Himalayas.

EH: Will you recommend your friends and relatives back in Australia for such Mountaineering Expedition in the Himalayas in Nepal?

Steve: Yes, absolutely. Nepal is a fantastic place to visit. The stunning mountain peaks in the Himalayas deserve at least a one view in the lifetime. Apart from all these eye-catching landscapes in the nature the company Explore Himalaya provides very professional and spotless service. I would recommend everyone back in Melbourne for a trip to Nepal and undoubtedly to the Himalayas.

Tierd but overjoyed.
Tired but overjoyed.

EH: Overall, did you enjoy the stay in Nepal?

Steve: Yes, every moment in Nepal to me has been special and extra-ordinary. Thank you so much for arranging such wonderful trip.

Successful Mission Mera Peak
Successful Mission Mera Peak
Place for relaxation.
Place for relaxation.

Photo Courtesy: Explore Himalaya.

Nepal is an absolute harbor for Mountaineering and trekking. You have plenty of choices with the most number of trekking mountains in the world.

If you have the passion for mountains or you are planning to visit Nepal do contact us.


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