Insightful trek from the foothills of Mt. Makalu to the Everest shadow


Ms. Inger

Ms. Inger at Hotel Marsyangdi on the day before her departure back home

This was Ms. Inger eighth visit to Nepal with Explore Himalaya and was once again a delightful experience. Ms. Inger Marie R. Arildsen from Denmark has two more plans with Explore Himalaya  in the future.  She wants to accomplish the Gokyo Trek which was unfortunately cancelled this time because of bad weather and she also wants to trek to the Restricted Area in the Western Nepal. This autumn, she completed the Tumlingtar- Gokyo-Jiri Trek with Explore Himalaya. She shared her experience of the trek before she flew back home.


A landscape on the trek trail joining two Himlayan giants; Everest and Makalu

EH: How was your meeting and handling in the airport?

Ms. Inger: Excellent

EH: How was your trek?

Ms. Inger: Excellent again. I didn’t get a chance to go to Gokyo due to snowstorm. Or else, everything was great. Acclimatization was perfect. The combination of the middle hills and the mountains was splendid. You get good and broad pictures of Nepal and the people. Nepal is so much more than the treks around North of Lukla.


A breathtaking view from the breakfast table

EH: How was your accommodation during the trek?

Ms. Inger: Fine. Basic in Tumlingtar region, but exactly as promised.

EH: How was your hotel in Kathmandu?

Ms. Inger: Excellent. I like Hotel Marsyangdi.


Helicopters in the Himalayas are other options for Mountain view

EH: What do you have to say about your guide, Mekh?

Ms. Inger: Mekh did an excellent job. He is very sympathetic, honest, responsible and easy-going. He is a smiling person and gets easily into contact with the local people. To me it was important that guide also can handle quietness and can walk for long without talking. Mekh was able to do that. But, also he was a good talker when necessary and wanted. I would welcome to have Mekh as a guide again. I felt very safe trekking with him.


Short rest, Guide Mekh in green Explore Himalaya T-shirt and porter Madan

EH: A porter accompanies you on a trek, are you satisfied with his service?

Ms. Inger: Porter, Madan was very good on the first part of the trek, due to his knowledge of the places around Tumlingtar. But he was bit old and could had problems, if we had managed to get all the way to Gokyo. However, Mekh handled and took care of both of us very well.

EH: How was your itinerary?

Ms. Inger: On the long trek there must be room for changes which we had very well.  Some days were a bit long and some little short. And the itinerary could not take snowstorm into account.


Snow says, “Now it is my turn to sit.”

EH: Are you satisfied with our services?

Ms. Inger: Absolutely, I am. That is why; I have picked Kipling Travel and Explore Himalaya as my travel partner for eight consecutive times. I am very happy.

EH: Thank you so much the wonderful comments.

Ms. Inger: You are welcome.


So tranquil, so beautiful


Mountains in the Himalayas during an ideal weather

Photo Credits: Ms. Igner Marie R. Arildsen

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