Honey hunting in Nepal.


The documentary “Honey hunting in Nepal” by Eric Valli and Daine Summers got the huge acclamation. The documentary was based on ancient honey hunting styles from the high cliffs of Nepalese mountains. On November 22, at Ghalegaun- Ghanpokhara of the Lamjung district in the western Nepal the honey hunting festival was organized. The festival can lure the local and the international tourists to this zone. The 17 member delegation related to the Hospitality and tourism industry in Nepal attended the function. The risk within the hunt can be minimized to the negligible level if the proper equipments and the training are provided for the event. It is an absolutely thrilling adventure to hunt the honey from such a great heights hanging on the rope amongst the stinging bees. Honey hunting in Nepal has been an interest area among the adrenaline hungry folks after the release of the documentary “Honey hunting in Nepal” by the freelance photographers Valli and Summers.

Explore Himalaya bringing the world to Nepal for decades has been the expertise in providing several adventurous training.

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