Home-stay visits in Nuwakot.



Ancient monument in Nuwakot.

Two Danish ladies, Ms. Neilsen Gurli Raghild and Ms. Skov Karin enjoyed the different activities around Nepal this October. They arrived at the TIA on October 8, and the next day they were at Bungmati and Khokhana for the sightseeing. October 10 and 11 they enjoyed the stunning, historical and cultural sites of the Kathmandu city. October 12, Neilsen and Skov visited schools and temples at Nuwakot. They experienced the Nepalese rural areas and its culture during their homestay at Nuwakot.


Bhairavi Temple at Nuwakot.

October 13, after 3-4 hours of walk they were witnessing the beautiful scenarios at Samari. Samari is the small village 90 kilometers west from the capital city of Nepal where lots of tourists visit for the homestay every year. On October 14, the team of two in the early morning hiked to Kalabari and Sanu Samari and visited the primary school there. They enjoyed few hours with the small kids of the school and headed towards Malbal. October 16, they trekked to Sele. Sele is the hilltop village in Nuwakot which provides the awesome mountain views and the place has the easy access to Kathmandu and also a popular homestay destination. On October 17, the ladies had the plan to visit Chitwan. After, the wildlife safari and the other tourism activities in Chitwan they were escorted to Kathmandu on October 20. Ms Neilsen and Ms. Skov departed TIA, Kathmandu on October 21.


Safari carriers in Chitwan bathing.

Panoramic Sele .

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